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Atlas Reactor – And we didn’t even see everything yet!

Turn-based team game– It really wasn’t easy to fit ‘Atlas Reactor’ in a genre because with this brand new game the developers from Trion Worlds tried to do things differently than all other games on the market, which they totally succeeded in. On the other hand though, just like we expected from Trion Worlds, Atlas Reactor will be completely free-to-play upon release! From this review you’ll learn what this truly special title has in store for you.

Official Trailer Atlas Reactor


The game concept of Atlas Reactor

We already tested out many games developed by Trion Worlds. From Rift to Trove to ArchAge – the studios are actually famous for their really great MMORPGs, and they never failed to impress us in the past! But with the new free-to-play Atlas Reactor the guys from Trion totally stepped outside their comfort zone. Atlas Reactor is set in a future in which powerful multinationals control a gigantic megacity.  In this dystopian world players can choose one of the (currently) 17 heroes, and fight against other players with it. Atlas Reactor is not a MMORPG, but a team game such as DOTA or other similar hero team games. Still, Atlas Reactor is different from DOTA and other competitors by being completely turn-based and being played completely differently than other games! Summing up the game concept: In Atlas Reactor two teams consisting of crazy heroes fight each other taking turns until one of them claims victory.

Turn-based fighting, and yet fast:

When we first saw that Atlas Reactor was turn-based we thought to ourselves: “Oh shoot, we have to wait out each one of the opponent’s turns, how boring!” How wrong we were! Trion Worlds solved the problem of having to wait forever for the opponent by making it possible for the players to take their turns at the same time. So within the same 25 seconds every player has to decide on their next move, and then see what results their decision brings. This means that, at the beginning of their turn, every player has to try and predict what their enemy will do next. When the time is up the game evaluates the moves and shows them happen at the same time. Excuse me? All of that happens at the same time? Yes, our jaws dropped too, and the crazy thing is: it works!

Plan first, act later:

In order to really understand the course of the fights that take place after planning you have to know the event phases. Every playable hero has a number of special skills that can be chosen in the planning phase, but that are used in the game in different phases. The first one is the so-called preparation step – in which you distribute buffs and set up traps. Shooter ‘Lockwood’ can place mines in this phase for example, which will blow up careless players! The second phase is a sort of sidestepping phase, in which players can do their diving and such. This sidestepping phase comes second since the actual attacks take place in the third round, and the moving phase comes AFTER the attacks. So you can jump to the side the last moment to escape an attack that you see coming!

17 heroes and more:

Atlas Reactor is currently still a closed beta, but already has 17 unique heroes with different strengths and weaknesses! All these heroes fit perfectly in the futuristic setting of a megacity. There are cyborgs, a robot dog, mercenaries with mechanic enhancements, alien-looking mages and much more! We find the playable characters totally innovative, and we got the impression that these characters have been designed with a lot of love. As we pointed out before, Atlas Reactor is still in the beta phase, so it’s very possible that many more heroes will be added in the future, which also implies that tactics will become more and more sophisticated as well.

Features of Atlas Reactor

  • Play for free: Just create a free account with Trion Worlds and download the game client Atlas Reactor!
  • Turn-based and yet fast: Enjoy an innovative game with planning turns that run simultaneously without having to wait a long time for the opponent’s moves!
  • Plan first, act later: See your planning efforts transposed into effective fighting phases, and let sparks fly all over your screen!
  • 17 heroes and more: Atlas Reactor is currently still in the Beta phase and has 17 heroes you can play with, but there will be a lot more!
  • Experts wanted: Trion Worlds’ goal with Atlas Reactor was to create a game that offers a new game concept, but also the possibility of going pro. So keep on it, and you might just become part of the expert world!


Conclusions about Atlas Reactor

We at We Love X thought we’d seen it all in terms of what the gaming world has to offer. But the guys from Trion Worlds proved us wrong! Atlas Reactor is a game like no other! Pick your hero and compete against players from all over the world in great team fights. Decide on your next steps in planning phases that run simultaneously, and make sure you’re a step ahead of your opponent – ideally! The heroes are elaborately designed and offer lots of special skills with beautifully staged effects. Atlas Reactor is currently a closed beta version, but it already offers a great game experience that in time will receive many more features and characters. We warmly recommend every player who’s grown bored of the gaming landscape to discover a whole new world of Player-versus-Player in Atlas Reactor. So we suggest that you create a free account with Trion Worlds right away, and dive into the futuristic world of Atlas Reactor!

Photos of Atlas Reactor

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