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Big Bang Empire – The Browser Game with the Naked Truth

Erotic Browser Game – You want it badly and you want it now! You’ve waited your whole life to be honoured with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. But the road ahead is long and difficult. For this reason, you’ll need to start your career in your local strip joint around the corner. It all sounds like a middle of the road Hollywood movie with plastic barbies in the lead roles, doesn’t it? Well, think again! Big Bang Empire is the brand new browser game from the studios of  Playata Games with surprising mixture of jokes and humour in store for you. Interested? Read on to find out more…

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Game Description

The free-to-play browser game Big Bang Empire has a lot to offer. But before you can discover everything and become that star you’ve always dreamed of, you’ll need to pull down your trousers… a lot. Read on to find out what else you can expect to see in this erotically charged browser game

Bust Size, Pout and Biceps

Only the most unique can become a star and that’s exactly what Big Bang Empire demands from its players. You have the chance to create your own unique character using countless different variations. It doesn’t matter if you want a head full of curls, pouty lips or particular body piercings, your fantasies have no boundaries here. But appearance isn’t everything and that’s why there are 4 different skills attached to your character: Stamina, Power, Charisma and Finesse. Stop! What is it with everyone immediately with their dirty thoughts? These attributes are necessary to fight against other stars of the porn industry. Your Power determines how much damage you can dish out. Stamina determines your health points. Charisma increases the chance of a critical hit and Finesse increases your dodge chances. It’s obvious that you won’t make it very far in the erotic film industry without heavy duty bandages.

Lots to do before you become a star

Asides from the obvious hands-on encounters, you can also expect numerous jobs and missions. There are always three standard missions to choose from, which will then reward you with experience points, money or additional items, depending on the mission you choose. In addition, there are also timed missions, which need to be completed within a specific time frame, as well as battle missions, which are completed as soon as you beat another player. If you don’t mind wasting a couple of minutes watching an advertisement video, you can also earn valuable bonus minutes for a mission. Once your energy levels start to go down, you can just send your character to work OR shoot your own porno! It’s as simple as setting the budget, choosing your backdrop, deciding on a title and printing off some posters! If you get good reviews, then you’ll receive some great bonuses as a reward.

The Sex Shop

In some games you need to visit the blacksmiths, others it’s the workshop and in Big Bang Empire it’s the sex shop. It is here where you’ll be able to source out daily new and unusual items. For those you like a lot of choice, you’ll have a great time. Countless clothing items and accessories are there to be discovered and collected. The sex shop even has new daily offers in order to keep your wardrobe looking fresh. It’s not only costume pieces that you’ll find in this shop, but items that can help you shoot your own porno or useful utensils during street fights. If your goal is to see yourself rise the ranks on the erotic leader board then search out some other players and win some honour points as you engage in animated browser punch-ups.

Team Spirit, Swinger Clubs and Film Studios:

In Big Bang Empires there are no alliances or guilds. Instead, there are erotic studios! The teamplay not only gives you a chance to have contact with like-minded people but also gives you access to direct advantages. The studio is your own kind of building which can be developed with up to 4 different bonuses. These bonuses could help you develop the skills of your character or increase the experience points earned. Additionally, you have the chance to earn special trophies and you even can enter into battles with other studios to win honour for your own. Through this, you’ll be able to earn additional experience points, items and a higher position on the studio leader board.

Special Features

  • Hilarious Game Enjoyment: Amusing graphics with an unusual comic book feeling help to create a great and light-hearted erotic game environment
  • Unique Characters: Countless different possibilities to create your own unique and unusual erotic star
  • Long-term Enjoyment Guaranteed: Countless quests and missions with different focuses and a large selection of rewards
  • Customisable Skills: Climb the career ladder the way you want to by levelling up 4 different skills with different consequences
  • Free-to-Play: Big Bang Empire is a browser-based free-to-play online game which can be played without paying a monthly fee


Conclusion to Big Bang Empire

Big Bang Empire is a free-to-play browser roleplaying game, which is definitely more for the guys, young and old. The game really has a convincing, amusing and charming style making you smile throughout. The simple game premise allows you to get started without the need for long explanations or tutorials. There’s something for everyone thanks to the customisable characters and the countless missions guarantee that you won’t get bored quickly. Top, flop or flip-flop? Show what your made off and become a star in the erotic sky!

Photos of Big Bang Empire

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