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Blade & Soul – To strike with precision

Fantasy RPG Game – This time around we got our hands on Blade & Soul, a long awaited tripple A free to play title on the western hemisphere. Published by NCSoft, the studio that’s also responsible for games like Guild Wars 2 and Wildstar, Blade & Soul aims to be the next big thing here in Europe. We checked it out and here is our report.

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Game Concept

Blade & Soul has everything that you can expect from a current generation MMORPG. As such you do start out as your average rookie-character. An unknown individual that is not only broke but does also have nothing but the most rudimentary gear in his or her possession. How to change that? Well, you do know how! The townsfolk is always looking for adventures who are willing to risk their lives in order to return a lost heirloom or get rid of the local bandits for some extra coin in return. The options are countless and so are your possibilities to improve your character. Find new gear, acquire riches and meet powerful allies on your journey. A journey that has yet to find and end.

In-depth character creation:

Your journey in Blade & Soul does always begin in the character creation window. Oh, what would you like to play? The options are rich and aside from the four different races, of which one is just an adorably cute mouselike race, you have to choose between seven different classes. Currently those classes are: Assassin, Blade Master, Destroyer, Force Master, Summoner, Blade Dancer and the Kung-Fu Master. As you may realize, most of these classes revolve around some of the most popular martial arts. And even though they may sound like being very similar to each other, some of these classes couldn’t be more different.

Precision is the key:

As you can imagine, in Martial Arts it’s not about spamming your opponent with random abilities and whatever cooldown you can possibly use. Instead it is about precision, positioning and observation of the given combat situation. This is something that has been flawlessly implemented by the developers. Fighting in Blade & Soul feels amazingly crisp and simply looks stunning. Especially once you managed to get the hang of it and become able to chain your attacks into devastating combos that not only look flashy but also pack a significant punch. In this regard the game does a great job and encouraging you to understand and master the very specific mechanics of your class and actually spent some time practicing, since in the end it will definitely pay off.

A game for PvP-enthusiasts:

The real importance of precision and mastering your class’s mechanics does reveal itself in the PvP aspects of Blade & Soul. This is where the game really shines. The PvP in Blade & Soul is some of the best we have played these past few months and its most likely not changing anytime soon. At times it felt like playing a beat ‘em up on a competitive level, timing our attacks linking them into devastating combos and playing mind games with our opponent. And while all this is pretty good on its own, all this becomes even better when presented in such detailed fashion, since the visuals of Blade & Soul are outright stunning for a free to play title.

Special Features of Blade & Soul

  • Free to play: Just sign up once and you are good to go. Blade & Soul is completely free to play after a quick registration and installation.
  • In-depth character creation: What will you play? Choose between four races and seven different classes.
  • Precise and demanding combat system: Forget ability spam and engage in the great combat system of Blade & Soul.
  • A game for PvP- enthusiasts: Feel the thrill of PvP and dominate your foes in Blade & Soul.
  • Great visuals: Blade & Sould does not only have great gameplay it also does look pretty great in terms of visual effects and character design.


The Bottom Line

Blade & Soul, a free to play Tripple A Fantasy RPG Game that actually does not feel like your average MMORPG. Why is that? Most likely it’s because of the great combat system. While we did spent several hours, developing and leveling our character to the max level, the game didn’t really unfold in its whole up until the point where we began to join the arena. This is definitely the strong point of this game and since all your gear is adjusted to the same level, it’s simply a matter of raw skill and not about outgearing your opponents. And as far as this sounds, we still got the impression that by the end of the day the PvP aspects of Blade & Soul will outshine the PvE content. Something you may or may not like, but for anyone who loves to test his skill in sick PvP environments, Blade & Soul is definitely a game to play.

Photos of Blade & Soul

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