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Call of War – Once more, unto the breach

Real Time Strategy Browser Game – The last century was a century that was framed by two of the greatest wars in the history of mankind. Lasting several years, engulfing most of the European continent in, the flames of war were eventually extinguished. Call of War, a free to play RTS from Bytro Labs, takes place during these times, putting you in the position of the leader of one of the European countries during the episodes of global conflicts.

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Game Concept

Call of War follows the concept of real time strategy game with a strong focus on resource management. Whenever you join a game in Call of War, you are becoming the leader of a randomly selected European country. As such you have to find ways to lead your country to economic growth while keeping a close eye on your military forces. Research, expansion and military conflicts are your daily line of work. Forging alliances, planning the strategic advancement of your forces while defending your own provinces are some of the most critical tasks that you have to master, if you want your nation to survive in times of war.

Determine the fate of your nation:

The first time we started Call of War, we became the leader of France and honestly, we had no idea what to do. Thankfully there was the little tutorial, which introduced us to some of the core elements of the game, like producing structures, units and a little introduction to research. With only the basics known, we tried to get a hold of what was happening around us. Each country is divided into several provinces, each of those takes a critical role in terms of producing resources, such as: Food, manpower and oil. All these resources are vital for your success, but because basically every nation around you will sooner or later try to invade your provinces, you either have to defend yourself or, even better, strike first. While the whole pace of the game is rather slow, you have enough time to plan your next move and doing that is usually a great idea. Call of War has a strong resemblance to the Hearts of Iron series and its best if you play it as such.

Research is the key to success:

In order to stay on top of the food chain, you have to find ways to defend yourself or force your enemies to surrender. One of the best ways to do that is through technology. Being the first nation who has access to modern rifles, advanced tanks and maybe even the atom bomb, will definitely give you the edge on any combat scenario. To prevent people from rushing the atom bomb, skipping all the other technologies, the developers made sure that certain technologies will only unlock as time progresses. That’s actually a great idea, because it rises the value of low- and mid tier technologies, while preventing the game from becoming a matter of tech rush.

For strategy masterminds:

While Call of War shouldn’t be compared to fast paced RTS games like Command & Conquer, it’s more of game that rewards long planned strategies and cunning diplomacy. Planning ahead and gathering resources for certain technologies that become available in later stages of the game might be more rewarding than an early rush. Take your time to evaluate your enemies, find holes in their defenses and strike when they won’t expect you to strike. In that regard Call of War sometimes felt like playing a good game of Risk.

Special Features

  • Free-to-play Browser Game: Just sign up and you are good to go – Call of War is free to play directly in your web browser.
  • Determine the fate of your nation: Do you have what it takes to navigate your nation through times of war?
  • Research is the key to success:Research the newest technology and always be a step ahead of your foes.
  • For strategy masterminds: Plan your next steps or rush into your doom – Even though the choice might not be easy but it’s up to you.
  • Countless technologies to unlock: Expand the knowledge of your people and research new structures and new units to overpower your foes.


The Bottom Line

The free to play military strategy browser game Call of War took an interesting approach to the RTS genre. It intentionally took out all the elements for tech-rushes, while putting a strong focus on long term strategies. Call of War really is like a huge theatre of war that slowly unfolds as time progresses. In that regard the gated tech tree is a good example. Players will have to carefully plan their next steps, while keeping a close eye on their surrounding enemies. When we played Call of War, there was always this tension between us and our neighbors and the constant fear of them crossing our borders. And yet, Call of War was a great experience and if you have ever played a game of Risk, you will understand why we do recommend this game.

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