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Dark Eden – Old but gold with new updates and features!

Action RPG – What is the oldest game that you play consistently? While you think about an appropriate answer, we would like to introduce you to Dark Eden, a free to play browsergame that was initially released in 1996 and was relaunched in Western Europe just a few months ago. Yes, a more than 20 year old free to play game that is still kicking? Is that actually a thing? Find out in our review.

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Game Concept

Dark Eden is a game that has strong similarities to some of the most known action rpgs out there. Several playable classes, each with a unique skill set and a huge world, filled with countless hordes of monsters that only wait to be slaughtered in order to provide experience, gold and equipment. Starting out as a rookie character, your actions determine the path your hero is taking, shaping your very own adventure as you progress through the game. New challenges in form of even bigger and more threatening monsters await those that do manage to delve deeper into the mysteries that the world of Dark Eden provides.  

An intriguing set of classes:

One of the most compelling features of Dark Eden is its set of available classes. Originating from a world that resembles a dystopian version of Europe, the vampires were trying to get their hands onto a book called the blood bible. A tome with that name has to be bad news and while dark hordes begin emerging all over the place, the Vampires, the Slayers and the Ousters are fighting for dominance in a chaos-ridden world. Each of these classes has a unique skillset, abilities and a distinctive fighting style. No matter if you prefer slicing your foes into ribbons with claws or razor sharp swords, you will definitely find a weapon that suits your style.

A diabolesque experience:

Few do know though, that this game was actually released before Diablo. Still, the resemblance is given and that not only in the overall dark vibe. Dark Eden reminded us of so many oldschool games that our nostalgia meter went through the roof. Still, what this game provides in nostalgia, it lacks in visual appearance. Being 20 years old, the graphics are outdated, yes, but thankfully the whole vibe from all the classics was something that kept us enthralled. In terms of character development you access a skill tree with interloping abilities that not only provide new attacks but also effect what sort of character you are going to develop. Alongside these skills you have to distribute points into your attributes in order to create a well-rounded character that has a chance of surviving in these dark times.

Organize yourself in groups and explore the world:

Smacking a group of monsters is one thing but doing it alongside friends is way better. Organize yourself in groups, join guilds and take the fight to your enemy. Exploring this huge world is something that you best do with friends and with the vehicle system, you can simply hop on your own bike and dart off into the sunset. But be warned, daytime and nighttime come with their own risks and rewards, since vampires and other creatures might actually want to be careful when exploring the world in broad daylight.

Special Features

  • Free-to-play: Just sign up once and you are good to go. Dark Eden is absolutely free-to-play directly in your web browser..
  • Three playable classes: Who do you want to play? Create the character of your choice and experience the world of Dark Eden.
  • A nostalgic ARPG experience: Be warned, playing Dark Eden might lead to some serious nostalgia moments!
  • Explore a huge world: Mount your bike or whatever vehicle you have at your disposal and explore the world of Dark Eden alongside your friends.


The Bottom Line

Our first few minutes in Dark Eden were a mix between the purest forms of nostalgia and the question why a game from 1996 could possibly receive a relaunch in 2016? In order to find out we pushed onward and once we overcame the aged visuals, we finally began to understand. Dark Eden might not be the best looking ARPG, but playing it was most certainly a trip back into the good times, where we were afraid of lines such as “Ah, fresh meat!” and really had no idea that ARPGs are going to become one of the most successful gaming genres. And keep in mind that Dark Eden was actually one of the first. In that regard we highly recommend giving this game a shot, since this title is most definitely a piece of videogame history.

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Comments to Dark Eden

  • I remember playing this when I first turned 18, literally sunk over 2 years of my life into this game. So much Nostalgia, I remember going against over a 100 slayers and ousters in which they couldn’t kill me, and over half became vampires by me alone. Good times.

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