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Dark Orbit Reloaded – The classic MMO has returned!

Space MMO – Dominate outer space! Or at least that’s what the free-to-play browser MMO Dark Orbit Reloaded asks you to do! The new and improved version of the classic DarkOrbit, developed by BigPoint, offers a lot of impressive features and an exciting storyline. But we bet you’re still wondering whether Dark Orbit Reloaded is really for you? Read on before you make your final decision…

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Game Description

As the developers at BigPoint have come up with a few ideas in order to improve the original game DarkOrbit, there are a few exciting features jam-packed within the free-to-play browser MMO DarkOrbit Reloaded, which is what we want to expand on:

Mission and Factions:

In DarkOrbit Reloaded you are able to not only choose between one of three factions to fight for, but also have a selection of over 200 different missions to test your abilities. In addition, there are also beginner bonuses to help make the learning curve easier, as well as guaranteeing that you can enjoy DarkOrbit Reloaded from the very beginning. As well as these missions, there is of course an exciting storyline for you to discover.

Build your Spaceship:

The most important aspect of any space shooter is, without a doubt, the spaceship and this game isn’t any different. You begin the game with a small ship and are then able to improve your skills and your spaceship by completing missions and finding loot around the universe. This is particularly useful when engaging in battle. There are a total of ten different spaceships for you to choose from, each with their own individual configurations, which definitely helps the game score lots of points in the ‘uniqueness’ category.

Forming Clans and Titles:

In Dark Orbit Reloaded, you fight against thousands of other players but not all of them have to be your enemies. In this game, you have the option of joining clans, helping your comrades and engaging the enemy as a team. At the same time, every player can raise through the ranks by shooting down their opponents and gain titles displaying your efficiency in battle. The more ships you shoot down, the higher your ranking and the more prestige you receive.

Special Features

  • Countless Missions: Discover and complete over 200 different missions
  • Actionpacked Battles: Defeat your enemy in exciting battles and earn yourself prestigious titles
  • Form Clans: Join together with other players in clans and fight common enemies together
  • Storyline: Experience and play through an exciting and stirring storyline
  • Upgrade your Starship: Upgrade your spaceship through missions and looting in order to blow your opponent away in battle
  • Impressive Graphics: Experience reworked and improved graphics and enjoy the authentic space-age music


The Bottom Line

We’re definitely impressed. The free-to-play browser MMO DarkOrbit Reloaded has shown that it’s without a doubt worth listening to your community. Based on their own testimonies, the developers of DarkOrbit Reloaded (BigPoint) have reworked the game on the opinions and suggestions of its gaming community and that’s certainly clear to see. You can not only expect exciting battles, countless missions, diverse maps and impressive graphics, but also a lot of fun to go with it. Enjoy!

Photos of Dark Orbit

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