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Dragon Ring – Step into the ring of fire

Browser-Based MMORPG – While the weather is bad outside and a warm fireplace might be a nice thing, we decided to take it a step further this time around. Why not chill and relax with a recently released free to play browser based MMORPG that goes by the name of Dragon Ring? It won’t get any hotter anytime soon.

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Game Concept

While starting out as the average nobody in the free-to-play browser-based RPG Game, you realize quickly that you are destined to become more than just a regular citizen of the kingdom. By helping the locals you will soon become more famous and not only honor but also gold and better equipment will start to drop in. Eventually you will become stronger and stronger, taking a stand against even more powerful foes and earning not only the respect of locals but also fellow players. The way to the top is a long and tough one but eventually you will make it. Time will tell.

Three classic classes:

In terms of playable classes Dragon Ring is keeping it pretty down to earth. You get to choose between Archer, Warrior and Mage. Each class can be played as an either male or female character. As for the classes themselves, they are pretty unique in their own regards. In our playtest we went with the Archer for most of the time – a ranged combat expert. Piercing arrows, barrages and similar abilities are just a part of your ever expanding arsenal of death. Getting close and personal isn’t the way of the Archer and even though a warrior would love to cleave a bloody path through his foes, the Archer, much as the mage, prefers a more precise approach to combat. The good thing was that with each subsequent level we gained access to new abilities that became increasingly powerful and more bombastic in terms of visuals. A positive note on the otherwise relatively stale classes.

Real-time combat:

Opposed to similar titles, Dragon Ring provides a simple but appealing real-time combat system.  Having to sit in turns, waiting for the CPU to automatically fight your fights is rather boring for the most part whereas being in control over the course of the battle allows for way more freedom and strategies. Admittedly, the early stages of gameplay are mostly a cascade of you one-shotting most of the enemies but as the game progresses, things get noticeably harder. Especially when you try to tackle bosses that have a chance of dropping high value loot, you will have your skills put to the test. Having proper gear will surely help but having a strategy will become invaluable if you are aiming for the top. Thankfully there are enough people in the growing community that are willing to give you a hand or assist you with information on how to beat a certain dungeon or boss.

Tons of mini games:

Dragon Ring is a game that has several types of games included. Aside from the single player campaign you can participate in cross-server events, fly dragons, search for rare cosmetic items or even participate even in tower defense scenarios. The options seemed countless and despite having played this game for dozens of hours we have the feeling that we have only seen half of it by now. In that regard this game is a hot candidate for committing players and those that enjoy participating in light-hearted events aside from the cruelty of the battlefields.

Special Features

  • Free-to-play browser based RPG Game: Just sign up once and you are good to go. Dragon Ring is free-to-play after a quick sign up.
  • Three playable classes: Choose between Archer, Warrior and Mage and dominate the battlegrounds.
  • Real-time combat: Adapt on the fly to the ever-changing trials on the battleground in a neatly implemented real-time combat system.
  • Tons of mini games: Participate in countless activities, including cross-server events and tower defense scenarios.


The Bottom Line

While Dragon Ring is a pretty stable MMORPG experience, it still managed to be a quite decent game. Sure, you only get to choose between the three usual classes that you have in every MMO but then again its stuff like the real-time combat system or the countless little features that you will unravel in your adventures that give this game its unique touch. Especially the opportunity of being able to have something meaningful to do aside from farming the same monster over and over again is something that fans of browser games should be able to value. At any rate, no matter if you are new to the genre or already a hardcore fan of fantasy type MMORPGs, Dragon Ring might be right up your alley.

Photos of Dragon Ring

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