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A browser game can really look this good

MMORPG Browser Game – The free-to-play MMORPG browser game Drakensang Online transports you to an ancient world full of monsters and magic. The awe-inspiring graphics are, above all, impressive right from the beginning. But is the rest of the game as impressive? Read on as we put it under the microscope.

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Game Description

In this free-to-play MMORPG browser game you find yourself in the ancient world of Duria, where you need to defend against all kinds of monsters together with your weapons and abilities. This can be done through quests, dungeons or simply by exploring the nearby environment. But is it enjoyable? And what else does Drakensang Online have to offer? Here’s what we found out while playing:

Incredible Graphics

It wouldn’t be fair without talking first about the graphics of Drakensang Online. It really is sometimes easy to forget that this game is played on your browser. The game environment is particularly impressive with a great range of colours and light effects. But even when you’re just about the let rip on your opponents with your varying abilities, Drakensang really shows what else it has to offer. The developers have really left no stone unturned and it pays off. The browser game can even compete with a lot of client games.

Action-packed Battles

You need to decide between 4 different character classes at the beginning. These include the Dragonknight, Spellweaver, Ranger and Steam Mechanicus. These can be separated out into classes specialising in close-quarter combat and those more suitable for ranged combat. For example, the Dragonknight swings his heavy axe and sword around him, while the Ranger fights from the safety of the backlines firing arrows from his bow. However, this decision should not affect your enjoyment levels as each class is a lot of fun to play with thanks to their unique abilities, special effects included. The graphics have yet again a big influence on this, as you can not only attack the monsters wanting to kill you, but can pulverise half the environment around you in the process. As you level, you get all important skill points to upgrade your abilities.

Gigantic World

Originally this free-to-play MMORPG browser game had only 5 different game areas and a few dungeons to play through on its release in 2011. But a lot has been done since then. Countless updates have really given Drakensang Online a face lift and brought with it an extensive range of new worlds. Almost 40 areas are at your disposal, each one different from the other. Dive into an underwater world, for example, or explore the deepest dungeons. Anything is possible.

Had enough of monsters? Jump into PvP

You’ll spend the most time journeying through Drakensang Online’s many environments completing instances within the various dungeons. However, just when you might start getting itchy feet, Drakensang Online offers some relief. In PvP mode you can join the fray in Deathmatch or alternatively try to Capture the Flag of the enemy team. An integrated matchmaking system simply finds the required number of players you need to start the match. As the different character classes really complement each other, there are a number of clever combinations you can do with your collective abilities. May the best team win!

Special Features

  • Polished Graphics: Experience an MMORPG browser game graphically head and shoulders above its competitors
  • Actionpacked Battles: Choose one of 4 character classes and experience battles full of special effects against the monsters of Duria
  • Gigantic World: Dive into the giant game world with almost 40 diverse areas
  • Exciting PvP System: Search for a team and defeat your opponents together in both Deathmatch and Capture the Flag mode


The Bottom Line

Even though this free-to-play MMORPG browser game had already impressed us with its graphics, the game itself has everything that you need from an MMORPG. The 4 character classes and their respective abilities make sure the battles are exciting and packed with special effects, either against monsters or other players in PvP mode. The multiple updates since release ensure that there are landscapes and dungeons for everyone’s taste in its gigantic game world. For MMORPG fans, Drakensang Online is highly recommended.

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