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Entropia Universe – Tycoons in space

Sci- Fi RPG Game – With the beginning of 2016 we wanted to start things big. How big? Well, how about cosmic-scale-level big? We spent the past few days with Entropia Universe, a free-to-play Science Fiction Role Playing Game that basically gives you a whole universe to explore. We went into deep space and here is what we have to report.

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Game Concept

Entropia Universe combines certain core elements of any given MMORPG with some unique features in terms of in game economy. Starting out as a rookie character on some remote space station, you have the whole universe just waiting for you. Where you go first and what you do first is completely up to you. Will you become a renowned hunter, stalking the most dangerous prey in the galaxy, or will you become a successful entrepreneur, building countless mining facilities in outer space? The choice is yours and the galaxy is your playground.

A universe sandbox:

While some games promote themselves with cities or even whole countries to explore, Entropia Universe just ramps it up to the maximum. We were somewhat overwhelmed, when we initially started playing this massive MMORPG. Where to go first? What do we do? The game does little to hold your hand but thankfully the community was kind enough to help us out and a few minutes later we were already exploring the depths of space. While we were flying through dark void, we slowly began to grasp how big the world in Entropia Universe really is and how long it would possible take to visit each of the myriads of different planets. Only thing we know so far: The answer is somewhere out there.

Become what you want to become:

Okay, we couldn’t lay off our old habits and simply had to become a hunter. Upon landing on a remote planet, which actually looked pretty decent since the game utilizes the Cry Engine 2, we slung our trusty rifle over our shoulder went hunting. While we took potshots at the local fauna, we actually felt like being in a “normal” MMORPG. We were killing random monsters, received loot and even the occasional rare item – we were content. Wondering if there are even better ways to earn money, most people were recommending mining and so we gave it a try. Once we purchased the needed equipment, we began digging. Unlike in other MMORPGs, mining in Entropia Universe is quite the hassle. Click on a mineral and wait three seconds? Nope, not happening. You basically need to have certain tools that detect ores, then you need to use explosives and others tools to bring them up and even then you might just get unlucky and get nothing out of it. While we didn’t have any lucky with our excavations, other players occasionally did hit the jackpot and became overwhelmingly rich within seconds.

Get rich while playing?:

Another, if not the most advertised feature of Entropia Universe is the option to turn in game currency into real life currency. A huge chunk of the economy system in Entropia Universe revolves around that fact and as you can imagine, as soon real money is involved things become serious business. Same applies for the economy system in Entropia Universe. The in game market is a colossus of ever-changing supply and demand. Prices of certain items may rise and fall within minutes, leading to the sudden and overseen wealth of a few lucky individuals. While it was intimidating at first, we actually enjoyed that there is a game out there that does provide such a sophisticated and refined trading system and when players get the chance to even earn a few bucks while playing the game, then it’s even better.

Special Features

  • Free-to-play: Just sign up once and install the game and you are good to go. The Sci- Fi MMORPG Entropia Universe is free-to-play.
  • A universe sandbox: Where do you go first? A whole universe is waiting to be explored.
  • Become whatever you want to become: Hunter, Scavenger or Tycoon? The choice is yours. Become whatever you want to become.
  • Sophisticated economy system: Use the market to your advantage and turn your in game currency into real money.
  • Neat graphics: Utilizing the Cry Engine 2, Entropia Universe does not only have the depth but also the looks of a decent MMORPG.


The Bottom Line

Entropia Universe is obviously a game that tries to make things work on the grandest of scales. The exploration of a whole universe, the massive behemoth of the in game trading system and complete freedom in terms of character development are just some of the examples. At times these things felt simply overwhelming and we weren’t actually sure of where to go next and what we are supposed to do but the longer we played Entropia Universe, the more we understood that these things are simply some of the negative side effects of tackling things at the grandest scale. Entropia Universe isn’t a forgiving game for newcomers, it’s harsh and it punishes even the slightest of mistakes. In this regard playing Entropia Universe is much like space travel. It is dangerous and could punish you but in the end the possible rewards and your curiosity will get the best of you.

Photos of Entropia Universe

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