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Guild Wars 2 – A great title becomes Free-to-Play!

Fantasy Role Playing Game – Truely a reason to celebrate, the wonderful MMORPG Guild Wars 2 is now Free-to-Play! Whoever is looking for a high quality and Free-to-Play Fantasy RPG Game should now read on. We got our wargear on and joined the fray of the continent Tyria to be now able to give you account of our experiences

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Game Concept of Guild Wars 2

Just as other MMORPGs like World of Warcraft or Age of Conan, Guild Wars 2 starts with the creation of your character. But just as you enter the character creation you just have to notice the insane graphics of Guild Wars 2. The five unique races of Guild Wars 2 are all eye candy, plus you are able to customize their looks during character creation. Also choosing one of the eight classes was tough for us since every class offers their own playstyle and looks. Once you are done with the creation of your hero the game will start with a blast and nothing will hinder you from discovering the mystical continent of Tyria!

A dynamic world:

You hate doing the same quests over and over again, plus it seems stupid that solved quests dont affect your sorroundings? Guild Wars 2 got rid of this problem in a truely exclusive way. In Guild Wars 2 the manner in which you approach your quests affect your sorroundings. Will you show mercy to your rival or will you kill him once and for all? Will you defend a local village by attacking the enemy recklessly or will you rather entrench yourself? All these decisions will shape the course of later quests, which makes Guild Wars 2 a far more vivid MMORPG than other games of the genre.

Combat never was more exciting:

The combat system of Guild Wars 2 does not have to hide in comparison to other games. Here combat is more than just standing around and having good gear. In Guild Wars 2 the player is straight forward challenged by the games mechanics – fireball approaching? Just dodge it with a plunge to the side! It is real fun to just dodge your enemys arrows or slashes. Attacking is also quite challenging. In melee combat you can use mighty combo attacks or just pick up some random items from the ground to beat up your foe! In general the choice of your weapon will affect your attack skills in Guild Wars 2 – so choose wisely! All these factors contribute to the fact that Guild Wars 2 offers a geat and vivid game experience in which combat wont get boring!

Write your own story:

While creating your character you are able to choose a certain background for your hero. A highborn noble will most certainly experience a completely different story than a bloodthirsty Charr. Every part of your personal story is played in instances and offers nicely dubbed dialogues. Since its your personal story, the instances are private. But dont worry: If an instance might prove to hard to beat, you can still call some friends in! And as if playing your own unique story would not be enough – you still get awesome rewards for completing every chapter of it! The feature of playing your own story really got us hooked and managed to seduce us into playing more than one characters life story!

A terrific PvP– (player vs. player) System:

The realm of Tyria is surely no place of love and harmony. Real early in the game you may choose to test your strength in combat with other players. For this to happen you just have to join a PvP-Fight and the action is on instantly. The game offers a variety of battlefields – from mysterious forests to the gates of a besieged castle, everything a gamers heart might want! But the developers of ArenaNet went even further. So called World-vs-World battles! You just got to love them for that one. In these scenarios no small teams will face each other but whole servers will face off. Huge wars between servers which will take on for weeks are the result of this feature! So if fighting small groups isnt enough for you – just start a serverwar and show the world which server brings forth the strongest fighters!

Special Features of Guild Wars 2

  • Free-to-Play MMORPG: The fantastic world of Guild Wars 2 is now free-to-play. Just sign up, install the game and start playing!
  • A dynamic world: Your decisions will influence your sorroundings and storyline, so better decide wisely what to do!
  • Terrific Combat System: Dodge enemy attacks and use your most brutal combat attacks to secure your victory!
  • Your own story: The choice of your background will decide how your story goes and offers a unique game experience.
  • Amazing PvP-Battles: Whether in small skirmishes or in epic World-vs-World wars – Guild Wars 2 understands how to deliver exciting battles!


The Bottom Line

When we first entered the realm of the now Free-to-Play MMORPG Guild War 2 we allready knew: What a blast! Its kinda hard to tell what got us hooked the most. Because solving quests in a dynamic world as well as fighting ferocious PvP-Battles let us dive into the world of Tyria. Graphics, story and game mechanics just match and create a world that allmost seems reality. One could say that the guys of ArenaNet gave us an early christmas present by making Guild Wars 2 Free-to-Play! We most certainly will keep on playing battles in Tyria and are looking forward to meet you on the battlegrounds.

Photos of Guild Wars 2

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