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Heroes at War – A trip to the Middle Ages!

Strategy game for the browser set in the Middle Ages – Draw your sword, raise your shield and step forward! The free strategy game “Heroes at War” takes you back right to the heart of the Middle Ages. As lord of your own lands you have to master adventures in order to build a huge kingdom. Read on to find out exactly what’s waiting for you back in the medieval times.


The game principle of Heroes at War

Fortunately you don’t have to take the first steps in the free strategy game „Heroes at War“ alone! In order to make sure you get well through the first stages, you’ll be able to rely on the beautiful consultant Ellis. First, you start building your keep – in a certain way, this is the heart of your kingdom. Then, your consultant will draw your attention to the treasury. Here you can collect riches as you go! But at first all you’ll find is your first treasure chest. The next step is getting instructions regarding the importance of each building, such as walls and warehouses. Also very important for your success are the many quests that you receive daily, and that will always bring great rewards! Ellis has a whole lot of other tips and tricks for you, of course – with such a cool consultant by your side, the game will seem a piece of cake!

Great user interface:

Keeping an overview and a grip on things is important in every kind of strategy game, so an easy-to-follow user interface is extremely useful. Luckily, in this regard Heroes at War is very well equipped! Managing your army, your keep, your quests and your military campaigns is made easy through menu points that are easy to spot. You don’t need to search long for every function, and get frustrated with managing your kingdom. You could say this isn’t a feature worth mentioning – but an annoying interface is a total fun killer, and there are plenty of those on the market!

Troops that stand out:

What’s especially cool about Heroes at War is the enormous diversity in the way troops are arranged. Besides normal soldiers with crossbows and swords there are also powerful creatures! Whether wolves or dark dragons – use these wild beasts to destroy your enemies’ keeps. There are also strong siege machines such as trebuchets and battering rams! If you like using magic, you can even recruit druids and arch-mages. Your arsenal is incredibly diverse, and you can create your army completely according to your desires!

Research system:

What surprised us about Heroes at War was the really well-developed research system. Once you’ve erected your university you unlock a huge research tree! The research is organized in four big main domains, namely War, Economics, Hero and Skill Processes. Each main domain has 20 levels! You use this research, for example, to unlock new troops or to enhance the efficiency of your woodcutters and stone workers.

Riding to war together:

Many other players will be giving it all they have in Heroes at War. Many of them will become your terrible enemies, and they’ll try to destroy your keep, turning it into ashes! But there aren’t only lone fighters in this medieval world. From the first stages you’ll have the chance to join a clan, which will mean a lot of support. Send each other troops or resources, and plan your joint dominion over the surrounding lands! Together you’ll be stronger.

Features of Heroes at War

  • Free gaming fun: Conquer the world as lord of your own keep, and don’t pay a dime for it.
  • Great user interface: Manage your lands easily thanks to the clearly structured interface – no time lost on searching!
  • Troops that stand out: Recruit lieges, wizards, mystical beasts, and build powerful siege machines.
  • Research system: Unlock new units and skills in your university – it doesn’t take only strength to conquer the world!
  • Riding to war together: Form powerful alliances – together with your allies you’ll drive fear into your enemies’ bones.


Conclusions about Heroes at War

We really loved playing the free strategy game ‚Heroes at War‘ by Apex Point Games! Visually the game is great to look at, there are many units, and you’ll sure always have a lot to do thanks to the daily quests. Starting in the game will be easy even for beginners, because the beautiful Ellis will offer you a kind of tutorial, and a good one at that. Check out the game yourself! We’ll sure spend further hours in our keep in Heroes at War.

Photos of Heroes at War

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