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Pirates: Tides of Fortune – Conquer the Seas and become King of all Pirates

Pirate MMO Game – What’s that? You’ve always wanted to travel the seven seas? Well now you can thanks to the free-to-play online strategy game Pirates – Tides of Fortune. Developed by Plarium, the game transports you to a world of conniving and rum-loving seamen and you’re their captain. Playing with the idea of giving Pirates – Tides of Fortune a go? Read our test to help you make up your mind.

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Game Description

The free-to-play online strategy game Pirates – Tides of Fortune will bring back good memories to those fans of the film series ‘Pirates of the Caribbean,’ as both share a central theme: the wild life of a pirate. As a captain on a small island in the Pacific, you’ll need to put together your own crew of ruthless pirates before you go out to conquer the seas. Detailed settings and lovingly crafted character models are only some of the great features you can expect to encounter. We’ve put together the most important below.

Pirate Life

In Pirates- Tides of Fortune, you assume the role of a pirate captain, whose goal is to build up a pirate city and fleet to turn the tides of fate in their favour. To start off, you’ll want to build a warehouse, which bit by bit can be turned into a powerful fortification. Of course you shouldn’t forget about a harbour for your fleet or a crew, with which you can make the seas a worrying place for others. Once you have chosen different individuals from a range of willing crew members, you’ll then be ready to progress.

Peace or War?

Of course you don’t have to count every other pirate as a foe. Instead, you have the option of forming friendships with other players, inviting your own friends to the game and/or forging trade and diplomatic links. Of course this also means that you can join forces with each other to send mutual enemies to a watery grave. But if you’re the Lone Ranger kind of guy then you don’t have to do any of this but you’ll need to pay extra attention to the size and strength of your fleet so that other players won’t stand a chance against you.

The Most Powerful Pirate of All Time

With every victory, your wealth and power grows. You’ll be able to overthrow enemy islands and take loot and treasure off their hands. You can then use this treasure to either expand your own pirate empire or invest in your fleet, by buying newer and more powerful ships or upgrading your old ones. But don’t forget! You don’t want to have a mutiny on your hands, so make sure you share a proportion of your treasure with your crew. The larger your crew, the bigger the proportion. Simple. Once you’ve gotten the hang of this balance, there’ll be nothing stopping you on your way towards domination over the seas.

Special Features

  • Your Own Island – Build your own island empire and recruit your own ruthless crew
  • Fearless Pirates – Recruit your own crew of terrifying pirates, who will follow you fearlessly into battle
  • Build Up a Fleet – Join together with other players and build up your own powerful fleet to crush your enemies
  • War and Diplomacy – Enter the fray against other captains or encourage trade and diplomacy
  • Valuable Loot – Fight in exciting sea battles for treasure and ocean dominance


The Bottom Line

Of course the free-to-play online strategy game Pirates – Tides of Fortune hasn’t exactly reinvented the wheel but it didn’t have to. It has shown a completely different strategy of standing out amongst the crowd, namely it’s particularly appealing pirate setting coupled with lovingly crafted character models and objects together with a diverse range of strategic options. Even the unique exploration feature built-in to the game opens up new possibilities and means it’s unlikely you’ll get bored. Every feature on offer impressed us and we can’t recommend the game highly enough to any strategy game fan out there. So all that’s left for us to say is: Yohoho and a bottle of rum!

Photos of Pirates: Tides of Fortune

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