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Planet Calypso – Earn Money While Gaming!

Sci-Fi MMORPG – You’d be lying if you said you hadn’t dreamt of it at some point! Gaming and earning money at the same time! That can be a reality thanks to the free-to-play Sci-Fi MMO Planet Calypso from Mindark. In order for this to work, the game has developed a rather sophisticated economy allowing the currency you earn in-game to be transferred into your real-life account at any time. Every item in the game has their own respective real-life value and because of this, Planet Calypso also made it into the Guinness Book of World Records by having the most expensive traded item in the world, reaching an incredible 100,000 USD. But is there more to the game than money? Read on to find out…

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Game Description

Even though you’ll no doubt be more interested in earning real money in the free-to-play Sci-Fi MMORPG Planet Calypso, that isn’t the be all and end all. Even without this feature, the game would still be a game worth playing. Thanks to the extensive tutorial, you’ll quickly get used to the controls and basics of the game. The only thing that won’t be clear to you is what kind of profession you’ll want to enter into.

Earn Real Money:

As we’ve already mentioned, Planet Calypso is one of the few games out there that allows you to earn real-life money, even if you’re not one of the top players. The principle is that whoever invests in the right place at the right time has a better chance of coming out with more money. There are also many different areas in which you can earn your money due to the many different branches on offer. Why not try your hand at hunting, mining or becoming a merchant until you find out what branch fits you best. Never before have we had so much fun while earning money at the same time.

Meaningful Quests:

Straightaway in the tutorial you’ll be introduced to the meaningful and well-developed quests. The in-game interface also means that you won’t have to suffer through clicking on an array of menus until you get to the actual task at hand. Instead you’ll be able to directly find out what your task is and set off on completing it. You’ll also have access to a built-in destination indicator and distance counter so that you’ll find your way around the extensive world quickly and painlessly.

A Whole Lot of Fun:

The free-to-play download MMORPG game provides a great mixture of multiple features. The Cry Engine means that the in-game graphics are definitely worth a look and the unique game premise has already convinced a ton of gamers around the world (740,000 by mid-2008). The experience of the game developers, who have been improving this game since its release in 2003, speaks for itself. Last but not least: the game has a really good community with tons of active forums to help out the most unexperienced gamer.

Special Features

  • Earn Real Money: Earn in-game money and get it paid out in real-life currency
  • Autonomous Economy – There are a range of professions and tasks for you to earn money. All you need to do is find out which one is right for you.
  • Great Community – The community has created a relaxing and welcoming atmosphere thanks in no small part to the friendly and helpful players
  • Excellent Graphics – The Cry Engine makes sure the graphics look fresh and exactly right for the game genre, making the enjoyment factor twice as intense!
  • Own your Own Land – Buy your own plot of land and invest with the hope to earn a small fortune


The Bottom Line

In the free-to-play Sci-Fi MMORPG Planet Calypso from Mindark, you’ll find a breath-taking array of functions and options, packed together with excellent graphics and a friendly community. After you’ve completed the extensive tutorial, the game has the potential to guarantee you’ll be enjoying the game for months (if not years) to come. The fact you can earn money while enjoying yourself is just the icing on the already brilliant cake. Our whole team can’t recommend Planet Calypso highly enough so try it out! It’ll definitely be worth it!

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