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Rage War – A wild ride through time!

Strategy browser game – Buckle up! In the free browser game Rage War you’ll be catapulted back through time. Give it your best, build a settlement and try to make it back to the future! Read on to find out why this journey through time is totally worth it.

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The game principle of Rage War

Created by Fury Studio, the free-to-play Rage War will take you on a wild ride through time in a parallel world! But before you take the first steps through this browser hit you’ll need to sign up with a game account. This will be easily done, as all you need is an e-mail address and an up-to-date browser. Once you’ve settled that, the action can begin! After the cool intro you’ll find yourself on the territory of your settlement. Unfortunately, your companion will tell you that your time machine is broken, and that you need to replace some parts in order to repair it! In order to survive in this strange environment you’ll need a shelter and food, first of all. Luckily, you have your wise companion by your side, who will explain to you the most important stuff in a sort of tutorial. Thanks to this efficient introduction it will be easy even for strategy gaming beginners to understand what’s expected of them!

A crazy setting:

Rage War takes place in a world that differs starkly from other strategy scenarios. A prisoner in a foreign time, your task is to travel through the ages of this world until you’ve repaired your time machine. Your journey begins in the Stone Age, from where you’ll go to the bronze age, and so on. This adventure will be quite demanding, but it will also offer you a lot to see! Every age brings its own buildings and units, so get ready for a wild ride through the timeline.

Science and settlement planning:

If you enjoy unlocking new technologies and other stuff you’ll love Rage War! Every age offers a great many gimmicks you can unlock. In the Stone Age these discoveries are rather rudimentary—you have to unlock the processing of firestone and simple hunting.  In later ages technologies will become more and more refined, but they will also require many more resources. But Rage War has a few tricks to offer in matters of building activities as well. It makes a lot of sense, for example, to build streets in order to connect buildings and in order to increase efficiency.

Fighting with finesse:

Fighting in Rage War requires tactics, and you can do a lot right as well as wrong. Generally, in case of an attack you have to position your units. You have to see in what direction your unit will push, and on its way it’ll attack everything that crosses its path. So it’ll make sense to have your units attack buildings, and have troops with strength face other units. Defence means placing as many obstacles as possible in your attackers’ way, so that they lose stamina before they reach your main building, your headquarters!

Repair the time machine:

In Rage War everything revolves around your broken time machine, of course! In order to repair it you have to get back seven spare parts. These parts are hidden on seven different islands—and you have to fight to free each island first! Hunting for your spare parts is something like a campaign, and it’s full of challenges and many quests. There’s a whole lot to do!

Features of Rage War

  • A free adventure: All you need in order to enjoy this great browser strategy game is a free account!
  • Crazy setting: What game sends you back to the Stone Age? Revisit the great ages of human history.
  • Science and settlement planning: Research the discoveries of history, and plan streets and buildings!
  • Fight with finesse: Before every fight you have to choose the right battle formation in order to ensure that your fighters don’t end up in the dust.
  • Repair the time machine: In order to have a chance to make it back to your time you have to get back the lost parts from seven islands!


Conclusions about Rage War

Publisher XS Software brought out a real coup with Rage War! This free browser game shines through an unusual setting, beautiful visuals, many contents and a well built fighting system. The journey through time will be worth it not only for fans of the strategy genre, but also for beginners thanks to the good tutorial! So if you’ve been looking for a strategy browser game with a unique touch, you should definitely check out Rage War!

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