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Rift – A Wonderful World Is Waiting For You!

Fantasy Roleplaying Game – If you’re a fan of free-to-play fantasy MMORPGs then you’re in for a treat! The free-to-play and much-celebrated ‘Rift’ catapults you to the graphically breath-taking world of Telera, where two competing factions are at war with each other, as dimensions tear open and spit out powerful elemental enemies. Action is guaranteed!

Official Trailer


Game Premise

The developers of Trion Worlds have done it again with ‘Rift,’ another extraordinary game release. However, you’ll need to register your free-to-play account and download the game client before you can get things started. After you’ve completed all the necessary steps, you’ll be sent straight to the character creation screen, where your first choice is to decide between the two factions, the Guardians or the Defilers. Once you’ve chosen your faction and modified your character to your own personal tastes, you’ll be sent straight to a well-designed introduction. The game guides you through the controls and mechanics by sending you on introductory quests. These really help you learn the ropes and you’ll be finding your feet in no time at all. We were bowled over straight way by the breath-taking graphics! Players with the most up-to-date hardware will really see first-hand what a difference it makes! At this point there’ll be nothing left for you to do apart from decide how best to discover the massive world of Telera.

Complex Class System

Aside from the two factions, you’ll also have a small selection of classes to choose from. Four classes may not seem like much compared to other games on the market, but don’t let that number fool you, as every class has a large number of ‘specialisations.’ These ‘specialisations’ decide what kind of abilities your class will have. A cleric, for example, can choose between the Inquisitor, Justicar, Shaman and many more. Choose wisely, as the specialisation you choose in this instance will decide whether you’ll be focusing on healing, dealing damage or tanking from the frontline. Every class has roughly 10 specialisations to choose from, totalling 40 within the entire game! Rift’s class system is both complex and intuitive, which means both new and veteran players will feel like they’re getting something new from an MMORPG game.

Giant Dimension Tears

As the name alludes to, there are a number of special events that take place around the world of Telera, each taking the form of a terrifying rift in the dimension. These rifts are then used as gateways by particularly strong elementary enemies looking to cause destruction and take names in the process! The size and strength of these rifts vary greatly and you’ll need to look closely to see whether you can close the rift by yourself or with the help of allies. The big rifts take the form of in-game rift invasions and these particularly require a large group of players on hand in order to close it up. These events really show the quality of this MMORPG as it’s truly a lot of fun forcing rift bosses to their knees and earning amazing rewards together with 40 or more other players.

Exciting PvP Battles

Of course fighting to close a rift isn’t the only way to find great items! Rift gives you the chance to enter battle at any time, with each PvP battlefield looking as amazing as the world itself. The action is also particularly exciting between the two factions as you’ll need to show off your tactical aptitude in order to survive! The combat system is just as well-developed and intricate as the class system and there’s always a new challenge waiting for you. The 40 specialisations harmonise well with each other and mean that your team setup will always be different. And to top it all off, the end of every battle ends with the chance of you earning some great rewards! 

One Giant World

The area in Rift is anything but small. There are a number of discoverable areas around the map, such as giant jungle landscapes, old ruins and mysterious twilight planes. It’s definitely worth having a look around as you’ll also find riddles along the way which can earn you great items as a reward for solving them. The world of Telera is a beautiful and mysterious place, which is also how we’d describe the instances. Fantastic forests, ancient castle ruins or dark tombs provide diverse backdrops for the difficult combat and yet again, just like in all good MMORPGs you’ll be able to find the rarest items in the most challenging places.

Special Features

  • Completely Free-to-Play: Creating an account is free and easy. Download the game client and there’ll be nothing else standing in your way
  • Top Graphics: The graphics in Rift are really something to behold. The magic effects, battle animations and the world around you, are all truly breath-taking
  • Complex Class System: No character is the same, as you have access to over 40 specialisations. Clerics can either stand at the frontline with a shield in hand, or wield powerful magic from the back
  • Dimension Tears and Events: Tears in the dimension can happen at any time and cause waves upon waves of enemies to come crashing down around you
  • PvP: Whether in the giant world of Telera or in open or instanced battlefields, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to prove your worth against other players
  • One Giant World: The giant world of Telera is one to be discovered and is packed with challenging riddles and secret artefacts


The Bottom Line

The developers at Trion Worlds have succeeded again. From the very first glimpse, players will have no other choice than to be impressed. The whole world is dynamic, lively and atmospheric. Characters can be developed based on the players own personal preferences and even players with the same class will have differing roles and responsibilities based on their specialisations. Great items are readily available, whether you spend most of your time closing up rifts in the dimension or conquering the battlefield! The whole thing is rounded off by the amazing graphics. There’s no questioning how much we enjoyed our time on the rift and we urge you to download the free-to-play client and give this one a go!

Photos of Rift

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