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Runes of Magic – A ‘must’ for any fans of role-playing

Fantasy MMORPG – The free-to-play online role-playing game Runes of Magic from the publisher Gameforge is making a name for itself amongst all the MMORPS on the internet. From the beginning the game has garnered lots of attention due to its innovative class system and on the day of its release attracted 700,000 active gamers. 

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Game Premise

Right at the start of Runes of Magic you are faced with the most important and influential decision of the game: the character creation. You can choose between three races: Humans, Dwarves and Elves. These races are separated further into classes: Warrior, Rogue, Scout, Mage, Priest, Knight, Druid, Champion, Warlock and Warden. The term ‘spoilt for choice’ has never been truer than with the sheer quantity of classes on offer.

In Rune of Magic each class takes on their typical role-playing duties. This is especially clear during battles with both evil creatures as well as other players. The warrior, for example, takes up the role as the tank, as the rogue deals the damage and the priest heals the group from afar.

The Multiple Class System

As soon as you hit level 10, you gain access to a particularly special feature of Runes of Magic. From this moment on, the multiple class system is unlocked and the characters are able to select a second class. This opens up combinations such as the Warrior-Knight or the Rogue-Mage. Later on in the game it is also possible to add a third class. The number of class combinations, in addition to the different races, allows every character to be unique as the game progresses.

Massive PvP Battles

A further treat in Runes of Magic is the ability to execute raids with up to 36 players. Not only is this a lot of fun to do in the game, but is also often good preparation within the alliance. The social aspect of the game is also highly important. For gamers, who aren’t yet satisfied, Gameforge has come up with something special: Cross-server PvP battlefields and guilds.

0% Unemployment Rate

Runes of Magic also has a peaceful side, which is just as much fun. The player can get to grips with a range of different jobs, which even allows players to build and then renovate their own house. Also in addition to the battlefield is the Aggregator. This allows two items to be smelted into one, which means that two good weapons can be made into one even better weapon.

Regular New Content

A particular advantage, which the players of the free-to-play Runes of Magic can enjoy, is the regular development of the game. Where PC-Games can become boring and monotonous once you reach the highest level and explore the whole map, Runes of Magic is continually developing. Due to this continual expansion of the game, it is almost impossible to explore it in its entirety.

Special Features

  • 3 different races (Humans, Dwarves, Elves) with 10 different classes in total (Warrior, Druid, Warlock etc.)
  • The unique multiple class system makes it possible to combine up to 3 different classes into one character
  • Fight in epic raids with up to 36 players and against each other in PvP Mode (Player vs Player)
  • Gigantic cross-server battles with modes such as ‘Tower Defence’ and ‘Domination,’ as well as integrated guild features
  • Up to 9 possible jobs (Alchemist, Armour / Weaponsmith, Tailor, Herbalist, Carpenter, Miner, Cook etc.)


The Bottom Line

There was a lot of hype on the release day of the free-to-play role-playing game Runes of Magic due to the high number of players and since then it has pocketed several prices like the Gold-Award from Mmorpgload and the Best New Game from MMOsite. And not undeservedly. The multi-class system of the free-to-play MMORPG gives the player new freedoms in deciding which path they want to take with their character and to best adapt to their own strategy or that of the Alliance. Battles with up to 36 players as well as the Aggregator round up the game nicely and successfully make it a complete package. We could not recommend it any higher.

Photos of Runes of Magic

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