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Sparta: War of Empires – A strategy game without equal

Strategy Browser Game – The free-to-play online browser game Sparta: War of Empires challenges you to raise the most powerful city in Ancient Greece. Developed by Plarium, this game features a challenging and exciting strategic warfare experience in a unique historical setting. Do you think Sparta: War of Empires could be your new favourite game? We tested it out, so read on to see for yourself…

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Game Concept

In this free-to-play strategy browser game you have been chosen by King Leonidas to lead your city-state and defend it against the Persian King Xerxes and his army. You need to grow your city and increase its wealth, as well as build your own army to defeat Xerxes and put rival cities in their place.

Raising an Empire

In order to be able to fight and defeat the Persians, you will have to grow a strong and wealthy city-state. This is done by constructing different kinds of necessary buildings like farms, lumberyards and forges, which supply your city with the three main resources in the game: Grain, Timber and Bronze. Those resources feed your increasing population as well as the army you are building. It is, therefore, very important for you to always have enough resources and to keep an eye on what is the right thing to build at a specific time in the game. Keep in mind that the choices you make always have an impact on the development of the game.

Enemies and Allies

Not everyone is an enemy in this game, even though most other cities are rival to yours. But fighting on your own against the Persians and all the other players is quite tough, so you might want to consider joining a coalition or creating one of your own to fight together against Xerxes ́ army. The benefit of having or being a member of a coalition is not only the allied support you get fighting against the Persian enemy, but also the chance to give each other resources and goods, whenever it is needed. Together you can also occupy other cities and become even more powerful Archons, growing strong enough to face and defeat Xerxes. It is all about finding the right strategy at the right time, deciding who to fight and who to make an ally.

Graphics and Sounds

Something that clearly makes Sparta: War of Empires special among fellow strategy browser games is the fact that its design is actually based on historical events. Buildings, clothes and even production methods are as close to the ancient model as possible. Sounds are used as well to create an authentic in-game feeling, which is enhanced by the games amazingly detailed graphics and a comprehensive menu. The learning curve is also very easy, since all functions are well explained and the player is immediately informed about their main tasks.

Special Features

  • Huge Empire: Raise the biggest, wealthiest and mightiest Empire of Ancient Greece
  • Gathering Resources: Supply your city-state with its necessary resources and feed your people and army to increase the population
  • Join Coalitions: Create or join a coalition to give and receive help from fellow players and combine your military forces
  • Responsible Decisions: Find the best strategy to grow your city and fight your enemies at the same time → every decision influences the game
  • Authentic Design: Enjoy great graphics and the authentic design of Ancient Greece
  • Defeat Xerxes: Grow an army mighty enough to fight your biggest and strongest enemy – the Persian King Xerxes


The Bottom Line

It is clearly that a lot of effort has been put into the free-to-play strategy browser game Sparta: War of Empires making it, hands down, a very unique game. It features a thrilling and historical storyline, well developed graphics and a menu, that is easy to comprehend guaranteeing a smooth and easy learning curve for everyone. It is, also, a very good strategy game requiring an analytical and tactical mind for any chance of success. All in all it combines all the good strategy features as well as an interesting storyline and setting. A game that is guaranteed to keep boredom at bay. This is Sparta!

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