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Star Trek: Alien Domain – Out of this World Space Action

Space Browser Game – Get the captain to the bridge and power up the shields! Star Trek: Alien Domain transports you to the dark reaches of the galaxy and catapults you straight into the fast-paced battles against alien forces! You won’t even have to pay a thing for the pleasure, as Star Trek: Alien Domain is completely free-to-play! Prick up your ears and cast your eyes on our log book!

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Game Premise

Once you’ve registered your free-to-play account for Star Trek: Alien Domain, you’ll first need to think about creating your captain. You’ll have to choose between the two factions: the terrifying Klingons and the Federation. Choose wisely, as your decision will influence the players that you will face throughout the game. As soon as your captain has been created, you’ll be shown a beautiful intro sequence which helps bring you up to speed with the background story of Star Trek: Alien Domain. After you’ve viewed the intro, you’ll be transported straight into the action against an unknown species but don’t worry! Your crew will explain the basic principles of fighting in space while you engage in your first battle. You’ll soon make light work of your enemies, leaving the entire universe yours to discover!

Colonised Worlds:

Your adventures in Star Trek: Alien Domain don’t just take place in space, but also on various planets. This includes your main base, which will prove particularly decisive throughout the game. This is where you’ll gather resources and research new technology. As you progress, you’ll also be able to repair your damaged ships or commission brand new and more powerful cruisers. We were really impressed by how they developed the base construction system, especially when you would think the main focus would be on space exploration. Remember that your base will be pretty basic at the beginning, but will slowly develop into a dominating war base as you progress through the game. But you’ll need more than one base to build an empire and this means you’ll have the chance of colonising new worlds and collecting resources to fuel whole fleets of spaceships.

Discover the Entire System:

At the beginning of the game, you are taken by an unidentifiable species into an unexplored part of the galaxy surrounded by diverse planets, which can then be researched and colonised. As soon as you’ve researched all the planets around you, you’ll then be able to travel to other systems through wormholes and discover even more exciting areas. You’ll also encounter various surprises on your travels like the remains of giant space creatures or quests which will bring you closer to the ancient history of forgotten civilisations. There’s really a lot to see in the world of Star Trek: Alien Domain, so don’t count on getting bored quickly!

Powerful Spaceships and Fleets:

You start off your journey in a single small ship but you’ll soon come to realise that it won’t stay like that forever, as spaceships are kind of the bread and butter of this game. You’ll be able to use your valuable resources throughout to create giant fleets of ships and organise these into powerful battle battalions. New and stronger ships can only be unlocked once you’ve found the blueprints for them and these blueprints can be pretty hard to obtain, as they’re only available at elite levels. But as soon as you’ve got your hands on the prints and the necessary resources, then you can get going with construction. Don’t forget about tactics as it won’t be as easy as building the most powerful ships and clicking on an enemy. You’ll need to make sure you’ve positioned your ships in the right formation so that you can utilise their full potential.

Control the Battle Field:

Your captains improve through time and will sooner or later be able to learn new special abilities. These special abilities mostly take the form of powerful attacks which can quickly change the tide of battle. Special attacks differentiate themselves mainly through your flagships artillery. You’ll have access to a whole arsenal of weapons, from photon lasers to rocket launchers. As your special attacks can only be carried out by your flagship, you’re going to want to keep a close eye on its position and health at all times. It never gets boring watching an alien fleet be completely wiped out by a hail of rockets coming from your ship.

Special Features

  • Free-to-Play: Simply create your captain and jump into exploring the galaxy on your browser!
  • Powerful Spaceships: Collect blueprints and build your space fleet up to a powerful force of destruction
  • Convincing Base System: Gather all the resources you can from colonised planets to enhance your fleet
  • Destructive Flagships: Control the battlefield from the comfort of your flagship! Use powerful special attacks to terrify your enemies


The Bottom Line

The free-to-play space browser game Star Trek: Alien Domain is, without a doubt, a game for Trekkies! This explosive addition to your browser lets you discover unknown parts of the universe and won’t let go. You’ll have the chance to work your way up from a small warehouse on a single planet, to a network of colonies, all while building up your fleet from a small ship to a powerful armada. Every space tour will make your empire stronger and this, tied together with the successfully developed and action-packed battle system and brilliant background stories, truly makes this game something to behold. Everyone to the bridge and put your phasors on stun! It’s your own fault if you don’t give this space hit a go. So register today and dive into the world of Star Trek: Alien Domain!

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Comments to Star Trek: Alien Domain

  • the story line and game play are great ships are nice especially high levels. The problem with this game is the Developers who are incompetent and unable to fix issues even after months of “investigating” them. Support is non existent and to get your email answered you have to place “game will not let me buy credits” in the subject line. If you are a free 2 play player don’t even waste your time trying this game the story line, game play and graphics do not make up for the poor support from gamesamba, (the company that runs the game), or the many technical issues that arise while playing. all in all I would give it minus 4 stars.

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