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Stormfall: Age of War – Free to Play MMORTS with massive Features

Fantasy Browser MMO – The lands of Darkshine are in turmoil and rival lords are battling over the remnants of the once-great empire of Stormfall. Chosen by Lord Oberon, the task to restore peace and bring prosperity back to Darkshine is now in your hands. What are you waiting for? Enter the free-to-play fantasy MMORTS Stormfall: Age of War and start your mission.

Game Description

Developed by Plarium in 2012, the game itself is best described as a somewhat streamlined MMORTS set in a dark fantasy world. Beginning with a barren plot of land and nothing but the essential Level 1 keep, you are guided through the initial stages of the game by numerous tutorials. It is notable that most of the tutorial missions have received a full voice-over from the very beginning, done by some overly eager voice actor. Yet it is still fitting and harmonizes well with the overall artwork of the game, if not for the occasional sound bugs and music loops.

We require more resources

As with any free-to-play RTS game it is of utmost importance to manage your resources and generate a steady source of income. In Stormfall you do that by building mines, farms and townhouses which generate one of the three basic resources – iron, food and gold. Aside from that, there are sapphires, the premium currency of Stormfall. As per usual that currency can be used to speed things up or to purchase premium units on the black market. Once you have your economy set up and running you should make sure that you get some basic military units – after all, the land is still in turmoil and rival players might just be waiting for an opportunity to raid your castle. The range of units seemed overwhelming in the beginning. Starting off with basic pikemen, you will be able to hire monstrous beasts and even archangels in the later stages of the game. As for beginners, a handful of pikemen should be sufficient to raid the early NPC-controlled camps right next to your castle. A simple assignment is enough to send your troops and watch as the game handles the rest.

Yodawg, we heard you like upgrades

Whereas usual RTS games require intense micromanagement to make a difference in a fight, Stormfall strips away this part while managing to add some depth to the gameplay. A huge techtree, called Lost Arts, with several branches for unit and economy upgrades, adds a level of diversity ensuring that there is always something worth going for – even in the lategame. Almost every building or unit can be upgraded individually and even though some of the initial upgrades do not seem to make a difference at first, you’ll really start to notice whether your army has that additional attack bonus or not during the later stages.

Bring friends and bring a lot of them

Most of the games designed around social platforms will eventually ask you to invite your friends to join in. This game isn’t any different but still manages to be different. Whereas in games like Farmville, friends are only able to provide so much support to your cause, in Stormfall friends do really make a difference. Stormfall allows players to really interact with each other by sending them reinforcements or resources in times of need. These meaningful elements really encourage players to invite their friends, a feature through which Stormfall achieves a level of connectivity that exceeds most of the current social platform games.

Special Features

  • Breathtaking Set Up: Free to play MMORTS set in a dark fantasy world
  • Great Story Telling: Full voice over for most of the missions
  • Housing-System: Customize your plot of land and expand your economy
  • Massive Opportunities: Massive amount of different units and techs to research
  • High connectivity: Inviting friends is meaningful and brings lots of advantages


The bottom line

Even though the free-to-play MMORTS Stormfall has dropped some of the most essential parts of the RTS genre, it still manages to be a very good game. Streamlined for social platforms, Stormfall provides a solid resource management system, convincing artwork and voice over for its missions. To be honest, some of these elements are pretty cliché-ridden but they still add a certain degree of immersion. Furthermore, the huge techtree and late game content as well as the levels of connectivity will particularly make you want to play this game and invite your friends to do the same.

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