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Planet Calypso

Charts, Miscellaneous, MMORPGs


Plant Calypso – Earn Money While Gaming!

Sci-Fi MMORPG – You’d be lying if you said you hadn’t dreamt of it at some point! Gaming and earning money at the same time! That c...

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World of Warships

Charts, Strategy, War Games


World of Warships – All cannons, fire!

Warship Action Shooter – We have played the phenomenal World of Tanks and the even more spectacular World of Warplanes and thought we rea...

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War Thunder

Charts, Miscellaneous, MMORPGs, War Games


War Thunder – Pearl Harbour on the PC

Action Shooter – The Second World War from above? The free-to-play flight simulator War Thunder from the studios of Gaijin Entertainment...

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World of Tanks

Charts, MMORPGs, Strategy, War Games


World of Tanks – Start your engines, track your foes and destroy!!!

3rd Person Tactical Shooter – Imagine fighting against 30 players at the same time each firing round after ro...

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