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TERA Rising – An action-packed MMORPG can really be this good to look at

Action MMORPG – With the free action fantasy MMORPG TERA Rising, En Masse Entertainment brings a new free-to-play MMORPG into the equation, which from the get go looks impressive. However, can this title be competetive enough to compete against other big free to play titles like Star Wars the old Republic or Lord of the Rings Online?  We tested it out for you.

Official TERA Rising Trailer


Game Premise

The world of TERA Rising is situated on the backs of gods turned to stone. As the member of the Valkyon Federation it is your task to rescue the various citizens in this once peaceful world from the terrifying threat of the evil Argons. They want to conquer the world and enslave the entire population.

Races, Classes, Heroes:

Before you head into battle, you firstly need to create your own hero.You can choose between one of 7 races. These races include the Amani, Baraka, Castanic, HighElves, Humans, Popori and Elin. Every race has their own particular specialisations like for example strong warriors, good archers, druids or merchants. After you choose a race, you then need to decide on one of 8 classes (Warrior, Lancer, Beserker, Sorcerer, Slayer, Archer, Priest or Mystic). Each one, of course, has their own particular skills which can then be developed later on using the skill trees.

Teamplay and Alliance System:

The different skillsets of each hero make it increasingly necessary for you to find a group as the game progresses. You need to make sure that these groups consist of a good balance of skills and abilities and are tactically suitable for your enemies. For this reason the alliance system in TERA is very important, as it enables the planning of group strategies and attacks. The player can even found their own alliance or join an already existing one. Tera has also added a political system to the alliances, which is definitely unique amongst action MMOs. Alliances can capture and take control of whole cities.

Action-packed Gameplay:

The battles take place in the huge open world and in the countless dungeons and are often very action-packed. Beside the epic bosses, which can only be defeated in groups, you are also able to measure yourself up against other players on different battle maps in PvP or RvR. What’s different to other action role-playing games, is that in TERA there is no auto-targeting function, which makes it more challenging for the player and also makes it a lot more fun. Tera Rising is one of the few MMORPGs, which places the outcome of the battle firmly in the skill of the player.

A Wonderful World:

In regards to the graphics, the developers use the UNREAL 3 Engine. This makes it possible for huge and open game worlds with high-definition graphics. In addition the loading time between different territories is negligible. It isn’t just the beautiful battles that should be praised but also the lovingly-crafted game world. The discovery of forest, cities, deserts as well as the discovery of individual races and their histories during different quests are often a pleasure for the eyes.

Special Features

  • Political System: Tera offers a diverse alliance system with political ranks and city administration options
  • Fantastic Graphics: Detailed and high-definition graphics thanks to the Unreal 3 Engine paths the way for beautiful maps and dungeons
  • Numerous Races: Tera offers 7 different races with unique histories and attributes (Humans, Elves, Popori, Baraka etc.)
  • Extensive Classes: The player can choose between 8 different character classes with special abilities (Beserker, Priest, Mystic etc.)
  • Action-packed Battles: There is no auto-targeting system in the game – evasion, targeting and reactions are the key to success in battle
  • Social Features: Whether in the guild system, auction house, pets and mounts or trading with crafted items, Tera offers a lot of possibilities for social interaction
  • Craft your own items:Tera offers 6 different jobs (Weaponsmith, Tailor, Alchemist etc.) which can be learnt in order to produce your own items


The Bottom Line

En Masse Entertainment has yet again proven with TERA Rising that they can up the ante with another top MMORPG title. In this free-to-play role-playing game TERA Rising, there is a balance between beautiful graphics and action-packed battles with an assortment of unique features. Especially noteworthy is the sophisticated alliance and political system within the game. Both provide a huge amount of long-term fun. We can only recommend that you give this game a try.

Photos of TERA Rising

2 comments to TERA Rising

  • WHY the fuck did it get 2 stars in graphics the game is fun and all but the graphics are what brought me to the games as it had at the time and still is one of the greatest free to play graphics and better then some you pay for graphics should be bumped to 5

  • Unless you’re playing on a shitty computer TERA’s graphics are breathtaking I mean c’mon look at some of the pictures. This game is loaded with open world PvP, cross-server IM, Crafting, Mounts, Pets, TRADEABLE CASH SHOP ELITE VOUCHERs, COSTUMES, AND OTHER ITEMS FROM THE CASH SHOP. There are guilds, alliances, and is uber fun from level 10-cap. When you hit cap it gets a bit repetitive but they roll out new gear and instances a lot (instances good, new gear, NO since you have to CRAFT THEM). Game itself is amazing, but if you cannot no-life for the best gears in game, its not worth it, especially since EME rolls out new gear tiers/instances and downgrades the last set every 4-6 months or so.

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