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Uptasia– bring on the abundance with hidden pictures

Economy simulation in your browser – The 19th century, picturesque landscapes and a small plot of land that’s ready for you to make of it a blossoming metropolis – but you won’t get far without hawk eyes! In the free browser game “Uptasia” you don’t only need to think like a businessperson, but you must also make use of your talent for finding things. Read on to learn more . . .  

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Game description Uptasia

Build factories, manufacture and sell goods – make abundance swell using hidden pictures! The game principle of „Uptasia“ may sound easy, but it’s anything but.

A lot to do

In order to turn a small village into a flourishing city, players must carry out different tasks. Everyone has to start at square one, so to say, so at first the bakery will stick to baking. But the more you grow in level, the more different businesses you’ll be able to add and the more products you’ll be able to manufacture, thereby meeting all your customers’ demands on the market. Your character will also have to collect all the necessary materials for the building works and repairs, namely wood and stone. Improving buildings, manufacturing certain goods and extracting different resources are only a few of the 12 different mission types that are waiting for you in the game.

Hidden pictures

City building only represents half of this online game. Players can take on searching for the given objects in 13 different search pictures. Later in the game you’ll have access to a second play mode in which you have to find the differences between two pictures. The idea in Uptasia is that hidden pictures are always made different, which means that the objects you are looking for always surface in different places. To make everything even more exciting, you only have 60 seconds in order to find all objects. Boredom doesn’t have a chance here.

Nice neighbours

Although Uptasia is actually a solo game, making arrangements with other players can prove advantageous. You can invite up to 11 neighbours, from whom one visit a day can yield up to 3 presents. The presents mostly come in the form of materials, and it’s possible to make of them special items that will be necessary for special missions, but you can also put them out for sale to customers at the market.

It’s all in the combination

So far Uptasia offers a unique combination of two game genres. For a player to be able to improve his building he has to solve different hidden pictures in his villa, and collect points. More hidden pictures will be unlocked as you grow in level, and these hidden pictures will be tougher to solve. Moreover, you can unlock up to 3 levels in 10 different achievements through certain actions, and earn yourself more experience points and coin.


  • City building simulation: Build your own trading metropolis with many different goods circuits in the style of the 19th century.   
  • Help from nice neighbours: Invite up to 11 friends as your neighbours, and collect every day up to 3 helpful presents.  
  • Long term gaming fun: Play many different missions in up to 12 different mission types.
  • Fun with hidden pictures: Prove your speed and skill in 13 different search pictures with objects that appear differently.
  • 2 different play modes: Search hidden objects or find all differences in the second picture.  


Conclusions about Uptasia

The free browser game „Uptasia“ links economy simulation and hidden pictures fun in a unique gaming experience in a great setting true to the 19th century. Thanks to the many diverse missions in the game you won’t want to stop. Fans of city building simulations and search pictures as well as puzzles will get 100% of the gaming fun they are looking for. Check it our for yourself . . .

Photos of Uptasia

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