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War 2 Glory – World war strategy for the browser!

Strategy browser game – Grab your weapons! The free-to-play browser game War 2 Glory brings the bloodiest battlefields of the world war to your browser. Read on to find out what to expect of your career as a commander!

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The game principle of War 2 Glory

We’ll say this: The free browser game ‚War 2 Glory‘ is demanding even for experienced strategists! First of all, there are many menus to see through, and many tactical decisions to make. But before you think “too complicated” and let it go, hold on. Back up and consider this – from the very beginning you’ll be greeted by an assistant. This assistant will introduce you to the most important game mechanics! How do you build buildings, what formation do you need for your army, and what should you focus on developing first? What’s also helpful for beginners is the 7-day beginner protection – during this time no one can attack you. So you’ll have plenty of time to take your first steps safely.

Daily tasks:

After you’ve completed the tutorial you’ll be given tasks directly. You’ll have new missions daily, which will lure with useful rewards. The content of these missions is also very diverse. Whether you’re busy with your officers or whether you’re building your infrastructure – the missions consist mostly of useful activities that pay off in more ways than one. Some of these missions also contribute to the tutorial, since the introduction doesn’t deal with all facets of the game.

Your own base:

The core of your entire operation is your base in War 2 Glory. Here you produce all the important resources and send your civilians to work in factories. But besides the production of fuel and ammo you should also consider food! If your inhabitants work with half rations, then they are anything but efficient, and this could hurt all your martial efforts. Remember – Some wars are won at home!

Raise an army:

A world war game is mainly and foremost about battles and armies. In order to stand your ground on the battlefield you should make sure that the weapons you manufacture are also used efficiently! Build your war force with infantry, tanks, rocket launchers, planes and much more – only a troop with many types of weapons is ready to meet all kinds of challenges. What’s also enormously important is your commanding officers. They act as leaders of your troops, and they raise the fight value of your war force.

Find allies:

As a true online browser game War 2 Glory offers many possibilities of interacting with other players. The integrated chat function plays a great part here. Thanks to it you can seek the counsel of other players and initiate your next feuds. It would be smart to seek allies from the very beginning, and go to war together. Allies bring a lot of advantages: you can send resources and weapons, and plan attacks together. This is how some browser games can be so much fun!

Features of War 2 Glory

  • Free browser game: All you need in order to sink your teeth into the war action is a free account and an up-to-date browser!
  • Daily missions: Every time that you log in to the game you’ll receive new tasks – so it’s worth checking in often.
  • Your own base: Take care of your headquarters, distribute your civilians into workplaces at the factories, and make sure there’s enough food for everybody!
  • Raise an army: Whether a tank division or a flying squadron – in War 2 Glory it’s worth having a broad range of weapon types.
  • Finding allies: As popular commander you will find many alliance partners. This means weapon transports and common battles!


Conclusions about War 2 Glory

This free strategy browser game sure keeps its promise: gripping action and strategic depth. The balance of base planning and waging war will keep you functioning on full power – because only when headquarters and troop work together you can say that you have a well-oiled war machine, and a real chance at winning. Equip your people with tanks, planes and war ships, and win this war for your home. We’ll sure keep at it for a while, so we’ll meet you on the battlefield!

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