Top 30 Browser Games


Big Farm

Votes [827]
Browser Farm Game – Are you sick of fake organic vegetables in the supermarket? No worries! In the free-to-play browser game Big Farm, you take on the role of a farmer cultivating your own farm. As the follow up to Goodgame Farmer, Big Farm promises to be even mo...


Votes [875]
Strategy Browser Game – May the Gods be merciful! In the free-to-play browser strategy game Grepolis you take on the role as a brave conqueror, whose task is to create an empire, conquer and rise the ranks to unbelievable glory. Countless game options, brilliant ...

Vast Wars

Votes [544]
Managing game – Do you have what it takes to survive on the streets?  If you aren’t so sure about that we have found the perfect game that will put your skills to the ultimate test.  Vast Wars is a free to play game in which you will compete with other mobste...

Knights of Fantasy

Votes [442]
Fantasy MMORPG –One of the newest additions to the free to play browser MMORPG market is out and drops you right into a world in turmoil. Summoned by the Gods you have to become the hero that the world has been longing for...

Game of Thrones

Votes [1447]
MMO/Strategy – One of the most iconic fantasy series of the past years has now received its very own browser game. Game of Thrones is coming to your PC as a free to play strategy hit. Despite the coming winter we went ahead and checked it out for you...


Votes [674]
Strategy Browser Games – The free-to-play strategy browser game hit Travian from Travian Games has been completely redesigned and newly re-released...

Desert Order

Votes [630]
Strategy – While outside the sun is burning down from above, we decided that it is definitely time for some refreshment. Before we get to that point though, we’d like to introduce you to something that’s also pretty hot. These past few days we played the free...

Jade Goddess

Votes [651]
Jade Goddess – Onward, to battle! Action Browser RPG – Forget Kratos and embrace the Jade Goddess! Wait, what? Yes, Jade Goddess is the most recent free-to-play Action Role Playing Game from 101xp. Loosely based on certain parts of the western mythology, Jade Go...