Top 30 Browser Games


Rail Nation

Votes [401]
Train Browser Game – Who didn’t like to play with their train sets when they were younger? The brand new free-to-play train browser game Rail Nation really encapsulates how you felt during this time. But do all the steam, electric and diesel trains in this game d...


Votes [771]
Strategy game for the browser – Long before the first European ships touched the shores of South America, they stood under the reign of the great Mayan civilization. The free browser game Tentlan takes players on a journey to those golden times of the Maya! It’s ...

Armor Valor

Votes [479]
Browser MMORPG – While the world is threatened by demonic forces, your kingdom has been weakened by rivalries and inner struggles. It is in these dark times, that a hero has to emerge. One who can restore peace and fend off the impending invasion of darkness...

Darkmoon Realm

Votes [194]
Darkmoon Realm – Adventure in the Wacraft Universe! Fantasy Browser Game – If you feel at home in the world of Warcraft, you’ll feel at home in Darkmoon Realm...


Votes [705]
Strategy MMORPG – Are you a fan of construction and strategy games, but also love the character development of roleplaying games? For a long time, we’ve had to choose between these two passions, but not for much longer. The free-to-play browser game Wartune has...

Rise of Dragons

Votes [649]
MMORPG – Among the ever-growing market of MMORPG games, we came across one title that we’d like to present today...

Jade Goddess

Votes [639]
Jade Goddess – Onward, to battle! Action Browser RPG – Forget Kratos and embrace the Jade Goddess! Wait, what? Yes, Jade Goddess is the most recent free-to-play Action Role Playing Game from 101xp. Loosely based on certain parts of the western mythology, Jade Go...

Crazy OnePiece

Votes [579]
MMORPG Browser Game – Attention Manga fans! Crazy OnePiece  is the great and free-to-play sequel of the pirate classic One Piece, developed by Joygames. But even if One Piece doesn’t tell you anything, you should definitely give this game a try...