Top 30 Browser Games


Crazy OnePiece

Votes [596]
MMORPG Browser Game – Attention Manga fans! Crazy OnePiece  is the great and free-to-play sequel of the pirate classic One Piece, developed by Joygames. But even if One Piece doesn’t tell you anything, you should definitely give this game a try...

Rail Nation

Votes [417]
Train Browser Game – Who didn’t like to play with their train sets when they were younger? The brand new free-to-play train browser game Rail Nation really encapsulates how you felt during this time. But do all the steam, electric and diesel trains in this game d...


Votes [715]
Strategy MMORPG – Are you a fan of construction and strategy games, but also love the character development of roleplaying games? For a long time, we’ve had to choose between these two passions, but not for much longer. The free-to-play browser game Wartune has...
Castle Construction MMORPG – It was only a matter of time. After the success of both Settlers Online and Anno Online, Stronghold Kingdoms joins in on the current online trend to be the next top strategy game...

League of Angels 3

Votes [1064]
Browser RPG – The eternal war between dragons and angels enters the third phase. League of Angels 3 is the latest installment in a series that is considered to be one of the most successful free to play MMORPGs of this generation. We gave it a try to find out if ...
Sport manager browser game – Surely you’ve seen a table tennis match on TV at least once, and maybe you were even impressed  by the skill necessary in order to send the small ball from one side to the other...

Legends of Honor

Votes [521]
Medieval MMO Browser Game – To your guard, because the Free-to-Play MMO- Browser Game Legends of Honor has what it takes! This game adresses all amateur lords and those who might think of becoming one...
Pirate MMO Game – What’s that? You’ve always wanted to travel the seven seas? Well now you can thanks to the free-to-play online strategy game Pirates – Tides of Fortune. Developed by Plarium, the game transports you to a world of conniving and rum-loving seam...