Top 30 MMORPGs


Glorious Saga

Votes [656]
Fantasy Browser Game – If you feel at home in the world of Warcraft, you’ll feel at home in Glorious Saga...
TCG – You’ve most likely heard of some of the more popular trading card games out there but we’ve met quite a few people who had no idea who was the original inventor of a genre that produced many clones but none has come the way that Magic: The Gathering Are...

Star Trek Online

Votes [383]
Space MMORPG – Who’s not familiar with space, the never-ending expanse and the adventures of the SS Enterprise? For those who want more from this world than the television series, you’re in luck...

Iron Sight

Votes [5]
MMO/First-Person-Shooter – Today we got our hands on a real blockbuster for all fans of exciting first-person shooter battles! The free ‘Iron Sight’ by Gamigo Games knocked our socks off. So load your weapons, grab enough grenades, and come along on a journey...

Last Chaos

Votes [727]
Fantasy MMORPG – In the free-to-play fantasy role-playing game Last Chaos you find yourself in the breath-taking world of Iris. In this godless environment you need to stand your ground against different, hostile clans and bring peace back to the world. However, ...

Star Conflict

Votes [212]
Sci-Fi MMO – The first thing you might think when you start playing Gaijin Entertainment’s most recent free to play Sci-Fi MMO, is that it’s just World of Tanks in space...

War Thunder

Votes [887]
MMO-Fighting game – Everyone ready to fight! It won’t be easy, but it’s your duty! The free MMO War Thunder brings back the fiercest battles of Word War II and of the Korean War, displayed grandiosely on your computer screen! Even though the game has been on ...

Cuisine Royale

Votes [776]
Battle Royale – Who doesn’t love a good old Battle Royale, huh? Well, we sure do and even though these games seem to pop up everywhere now, we have to say that we haven’t seen a game like Cuisine Royale yet. This free to play title really is something else an...