Top 30 Strategy Games



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Shooter / action game – everyone grab your war machines! The free shooter / action game CrossOut is brought to you by Gaijin Entertainment, and it looks like War Thunder on steroids! Create crazy fight machines and plunge with them into a post-apocalyptic world f...


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Strategy game for the browser – Long before the first European ships touched the shores of South America, they stood under the reign of the great Mayan civilization. The free browser game Tentlan takes players on a journey to those golden times of the Maya! It’s ...
Economic Browser Game – The free-to-play economy simulation and browser game, The Settlers Online, is the eagerly anticipated multiplayer conversion of the classic, renowned game ‘The Settlers’. But does the browser game conversion offer just as much fun as t...


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Strategy Browser Games – The free-to-play strategy browser game hit Travian from Travian Games has been completely redesigned and newly re-released...

Iron Sight

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MMO/First-Person-Shooter – Today we got our hands on a real blockbuster for all fans of exciting first-person shooter battles! The free ‘Iron Sight’ by Gamigo Games knocked our socks off. So load your weapons, grab enough grenades, and come along on a journey...

Cuisine Royale

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Battle Royale – Who doesn’t love a good old Battle Royale, huh? Well, we sure do and even though these games seem to pop up everywhere now, we have to say that we haven’t seen a game like Cuisine Royale yet. This free to play title really is something else an...