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Soul Calibur – Cleave your path to victory

MMORPG – Have you ever played Soul Calibur? The Fighting game? Yes? Well, then we have good news for you, since recently a free to play browser game of the very same franchise has hit the market. Things are different though in this browser game and here we do explain why that is the case.


Game Concept

As with any given MMORPG, things aren’t that different at the beginning of Soul Calibur. While the whole world is in peril, you will first have to learn how to take care of yourself during the first few levels of the game. Helping the locals, grinding a few lesser evils and all the other goodness of early MMORPG gameplay await. Step by step you will eventually become stronger, tackle harder missions and will rise in ranks. With each level you receive new abilities, gear and other resources that you can spend into the development of your character in order to overpower even the strongest of foes.

Four playable classes:

When you start out playing Soul Calibur you get the opportunity to play one of four playable characters from the franchise. Choose between Nightmare, Ivy, Tira and Siegfried. For our playtest we spend most of our time as Ivy and Nightmare. Quite the difference in gameplay that was. While Ivy relies on precise sword strikes to carve her foes up, Nightmare simply swings his massive two-handed sword and cleaves monsters and whatever stands in front of him alike. In order to do all that you get to choose between several unique abilities that distinguish the classes from each other and help you to find the ideal class to play.

Fighting fashionista:

Something that Soul Calibur and other similar titles always had was an extended pool of clothes you could select for your characters, making them look unique and flashy in the process. It’s somewhat similar in the browser game version of Soul Calibur. While you progress through the game you will eventually unlock several cosmetic features, such as the ability to wear specific pieces of haute couture or fancy capes. The latter can be upgraded individually to get the maximum out of your characters fighting capabilities. But let’s be honest though, who doesn’t want to look glorious while fighting hordes of beasts? Exactly!

Long term fun:

A feature that shouldn’t be missing in any decent MMORPG is the long term playability. Players need something that they can strife for, something to achieve. Thankfully there are countless things that you can strife for in Soul Calibur. In this regard the game is like a huge bag, packed full of surprises, little features and wondrous places to explore. No matter if you prefer PvP or PvE content, this game has your back. We fought in the arenas of Soul Calibur, we were pushing our characters to the max in massive instances and spent hours fine tuning our gear and mounts.

Special Features

  • Free-to-play: Just sign up once and you are good to go. Soul Caliburis absolutely free-to-play.
  • Four playable classes: Choose between Nightmare, Ivy, Tira and Siegfried and dominate your foes with some of the most memorable Soul Calibur characters
  • Fighting fashionista: Smacking your enemies is one thing but doing so while wearing some of the most memorable bling bling is another.
  • Long term fun: Soul Calibur is a game that is packed with things to achieve or items to strife for. Long term fun is guaranteed.


The Bottom Line

On first glance Soul Calibur is a game that has the visuals of most common MMORPGs out there, especially browser games. If you take your time though and invest a few moments playing it, you will slowly unravel a massive bag of browser game goodness. This game is close to the pinnacle of entertainment, when it comes to little gimmicks and other features that will keep you occupied, even after countless of hours. Should you even be a fan of the Soul Calibur franchise, then this game is something you shouldn’t miss.

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