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AD2460 – There can be no peace between the stars

MMO – The universe is a cruel and mostly empty place but somewhere among the stars is life and this life thrives onwards, trying to spread all across its galaxy, our galaxy. In AD2460, a seasoned and free to play MMO, you become an aspiring commander of a colonist fleet, trying to expand your empire between the stars. We checked it out and here is our report.

Official AD2460 Trailer


Game Concept

AD2460 is best described as a MMO of galactic proportions. You become the commander of your own space fleet, trying to expand your empire across the stars, colonizing strange and dangerous worlds and fending off invading forces that are trying to threaten your borders. In order to do that you not only need the help of a competent staff but also the technology and means of production to churn out enough firepower. A monumental task lies before you and only the bravest and most enduring commanders will eventually lead their empires to a golden age between the stars.

You are the governor:

In AD2460 you are in charge and the weight of responsibility weighs heavily on you. As the commander in chief you have to determine the future of your empire. Assigning your resources in order to build a strong economy is one of the most crucial tasks each commander has to take care of in AD2460. The stronger the economy on your home planet is, the more of its output will be at your disposal for new research project and expansion. And while your home planet is your initial base of operation, you will have to eventually expand and colonize other worlds. Given that not all of your adventures into space will be a safe trip, it is highly recommended to have the means to defend yourself. You’re going to need it.

Expand your empire:

While it is great to have a strong economy on your home world as a backbone, your future does wait among the stars. Unfortunately though, you aren’t the only one looking for new planets to colonize and gather resources on. Rather sooner than later you will realize that space is actually a quite hostile environment and raiders might just waiting for an opportunity to take advantage of you. The best way to circumvent such threats is by having an edge on your opponents and two of your best options to do that are a strong military force and science. Science plays a major role in AD2460 and those that are leading in terms of research will always have an edge on their opponents. Remember, never bring a knife to a laser fight.

There is strength in numbers:

While laser and a strong fleet should help you to fend off most of your rivals, there are some threats that need to be tackled by more than one person. This is where alliances come into play. AD2460 has an extensive alliance system that puts a heavy emphasis on team play. There is a definite truth to the saying that there is strength in numbers and that’s especially the case in AD2460. Try to find an alliance as soon as possible because you will realize that most foes are somewhat reluctant to raid players that are part of a strong group that does have the capabilities to retaliate any attack.

Special Features

  • Free-to-play: Just sign up once and you are good to go. AD2460 absolutely free-to-play.
  • Govern your empire: As the governor of your own empire you have the responsibility to lead your people into a golden age among the stars.
  • Expand your empire: Expand the reaches of your empire into the furthest regions of space and weave a network of economic and militaristic might.
  • Strength is in numbers: Find valuable allies and join a powerful alliance that will help you take a stand against stronger foes.


The Bottom Line

AD2460 is a MMO that has aged pretty well. Over the past few years it is still growing strong and that is mostly thanks to the developers focus on the games strengths. AD2460 provides an intricate and extensive economy management system that might overwhelm beginners at first but will eventually enable more seasoned players to fine tune their economy, their military and pretty much every aspect of colony management. Sure, the game doesn’t have the visuals of other titles but we assume it’s pretty fair to say that AD2460 offers a simulation with a depth that we haven’t seen in ages. A game that is definitely well worth a visit.

Photos of AD2460

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