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Animal Jam – Well roared, lion!

Educational Browser Game – Today we have played something absolutely different. Animal Jam, an educational free to play browser game, developed in cooperation with National Geographic. This game tries to combine education and fun and might be the suitable candidate for our younger players. We checked it out and here is our review.

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Game Concept

The game concept of Animal Jam starts like described in the following: At the beginning you create your character, or rather said, you pick the animal of your liking. Once you did that, the game opens a huge and colorful world for you to explore. There are countless mini games, educational panels and other stuff which you might not expect to find. Most of these discoveries provide coins or other rewards that you can use to personalize your animal character or its home, while competing for high scores or engaging with friends. Invite them over to your den or explore the world together – the choice is yours.

Choose the animal of your liking:

Usually we are used to select a character class in the beginning, maybe adjust a few sliders and be done with it. Animal Jam has a way more playful approach. Giving you the opportunity to choose between dozens of different animals, you can literally become almost any animal except for a few exotics. For our test though, we chose to become a little with an eyepatch and a hat – a real gentleman. Another funny thing comes with the name-system of Animal Jam. Instead of having a simple blank field, which requires you to put any given in it, the game offers you three sliders. Each slider contains titles and other prefixed name particles that you can merge into colorful names like “Princess Jellygirl” or “Swimming Berrybear”.

Countless of hidden games and activities:

Once you were introduced to the game, Animal Jam leaves you to it. There is this massive world for you to explore. Initially it was a bit overwhelming, since we had no idea where to go and what to do. It was refreshing that were almost no restrictions on what we could do. We went from A to G and from G to B and while doing so we found countless of activities. One of the most common activities are mini games. Some of those game have a close resemblance to gaming classics like Space Invaders, while other are completely unique. Each game does provide a certain amount of currency when played. Money, which you can invest in several things like cosmetics, clothing and even furniture for your personal den.

Learn about nature while playing the game:

Since the free to play browser educational game Animal Jam was developed in cooperation with National Geographic, the game does have a huge educational component too. Even though there are tons of mini games to be played within Animal Jam, there is still so much more to see. Panels with information concerning certain information about animals, insects and flora can be found everywhere and there are even interactive videos, how to do guidelines and other hidden features to add some scientific background to the world you are currently playing in.

Special Features

  • Free-to-play educational game: Animal Jam is free to play and does not require any form of installation. Sign up once and your adventure begins in your browser.
  • Choose the animal of your liking: Choose between hundreds of different animals and play as your favorite animal in Animal Jam.
  • Countless hidden games and activities: Explore the world of animal jam and engage in countless activities with other players all around the globe.
  • Learn about nature: Animal Jam is not only about games, it also offers countless possibilities to learn something about nature, animals and geographical backgrounds-


The Bottom Line

After spending several hours of playing the free to play educational browser game Animal Jam, it is time for a conclusion. Animal Jam is an interesting educational game. A game, which has been crafted with a lot of details and neat gimmicks to keep its mainly young players on the ball. With its cute character design and the intriguing name system, the game definitely aims for a younger audience. The mini games and events are especially designed for kids and the way the developers refined the information within little videos, pictures and descriptions, makes sure that the players do learn something while they play the game.

Photos of Animal Jam

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