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Big Farm – Fancy trying your hand at farming?

Browser Farm Game – Are you sick of fake organic vegetables in the supermarket? No worries! In the free-to-play browser game Big Farm, you take on the role of a farmer cultivating your own farm. As the follow up to Goodgame Farmer, Big Farm promises to be even more fun with a lot more content and cuddly farm animals to boot. But can Big Farm deliver on these promises? We tested it out for you…

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Game Premise

In the free-to-play farm simulation Big Farm, you are placed in the shoes of an eager farmer tasked with cultivating their farm. This may sound easy but you’ll face many different challenges along the way which require a lot of skill and strategic thinking to overcome. We’ve put together and summarised the best features:

Daily Routine on the Farm:

Day to day life on the farm is far from easy and really puts your skills to the test. You need to build fields, farmland and production facilities, bring in the harvest, feed the animals and then bring your goods to market in order to make a profit. This money can then be invested in growing new fruit and vegetables or nurturing new animals. It really pays to take good care of your animals, as the happier they are, the faster their numbers will grow to the point where you’ll have a number of cute rabbits or piglets running across the screen.

Useful Helpers:

Of course, you don’t have to do this all alone. You have a large range of different workers and farmhands at your disposal, either on the farm itself or in the production facilities. But watch out! Even the employees need to be looked after. If you don’t keep up with their needs, you could be hit with a strike, lowering or even stopping your productivity all together. So remember! Happy workers = Productive workers!

The Farming Community

Even if the construction browser game Big Farm hasn’t been developed with military conquests in mind, it’s still useful to form alliances with other players. These give you access to special ‘team advantages’ making the completion of certain tasks, such as growing a particular number of fruit within an exact timeframe, a lot easier. These alliances can even lead to new friendships, meaning others will happily visit your farm to speed up the productivity of your facilities for you.

Suitable for Everyone:

In general, the free-to-play browser game Big Farm is a complex and graphically detailed farm manager. Asides from the extensive production, economic and trade systems, there’s a lot of fun to be had cultivating your farm, setting up your facilities and nurturing your farm animals and plants. Big Farm is without any kind of violent content and is therefore suitable for both children and beginners a like.

Special Features

  • Adorable Graphics: Cute comic book graphics with detailed animations of animals, buildings, plants etc.
  • Extensive Products: Complex economy with countless different products and manufacturing levels
  • Numerous Buildings: Numerous production facilities with different upgrade options and traits
  • Exciting Tasks: Lots of tasks, quests and regular events make sure that each day is different
  • Free from Violence: Big Farm is completely without any violent content and is suitable for all ages

Tips & Tricks

  • Focus on developing your raw produce first in order to get a better profit at the market
  • Pay attention to the happiness of your workers so that your production costs get lower
  • Log in at least once a day to complete quests and get money faster
  • Save money at the start for a water tower. This helps you throughout the game when you need to improve other facilities
  • Stop yourself from buying decorations and potter plants at the beginning, as these cost a lot of money with little to no benefit for your farm


The Bottom Line

Goodgame Studios have developed a worthy successor to Goodgame Farmer with the free-to-play farm browser game Big Farm. The free-to-play construction game not only has impressively detailed graphics and an intuitive set of controls but also provides a lot of fun, whether completing mission or constructing your own farm. For casual gamers, Big Farm is highly recommended and also offers a nice alternative to those fed up with action based games.

Photos of Big Farm

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