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Desert Operations – World War in your browser!

War Browsergame – If you’re a fan of polished strategic manoeuvres and detailed base construction in a browser, then you’re exactly where you belong playing the browser strategy game Desert Operations. Desert Operations is the brand-new prize-winning strategy and construction wonder from the studios Playzo. But is there fun to be had in a casual strategy game? We tested it out…

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Game Premise

A war game in the browser is not exactly ground-breaking and there’s one for each and every period of history imaginable. Desert Strike, however, wants to set its war game apart from its competition through its special features. Here’s a small overview for you:

An Overview of the Extensive Features

The free-to-play strategy / war game’s game premise is definitely promising. You control a detailed base to build up, a multitude of buildings, armament and research facilities, couple these with a hundred different and authentic land, air and sea units and add in a thousand players and exciting browser battles and you have this prize-winning world war browser game in a nutshell.

Sensible Diplomacy System

The war browser game is of course primarily about the construction of a functioning base, which should be able to hold back any aggressive enemies and requires sophisticated defence systems to do this. As soon as these are available, you are already able to put together your first plan for world domination. Therefore, it makes a lot of sense at the beginning to involve yourself politically. Desert Operations offers a unique and sophisticated diplomatic system. That means that you can ally or declare war with different countries or plan joint attack and defence manoeuvres.

Easy Introduction for Beginners

In a nutshell, the free-to-play war browser game offers simply everything that you would expect a classic world-domination game needs to have. In order to allow beginners to the genre an easy introduction to the complex and detailed material, you are given extremely good guidance for the first few missions which shows you a good overview of all the functions and features of the game. Basically, Desert Strike is a really good online game.

Special Features

  • Giant World: Become a part of the giant fictitious world of DO and lead your country to honour and glory
  • Extensive Arsenal: Kit out your army with a diverse range of different land, air and sea units
  • Useful Diplomacy: Join together with others in order to attack or defend yourself against enemies.
  • Lucrative Trading: Sell, loot or produce goods to get enough money to expand your base or army
  • Massive Community: Thousands of other players are waiting for you to defeat them!


The Bottom Line

The free-to-play strategy browser game Desert Operations delivers everything that you would expect a strategy browser game would need to have. A giant map, thousands of other players, sophisticated base construction and exciting battles with other players. More importantly, the diplomatic system offers a wealth of additional features. We can really see why Desert Operations has brought home the MMO of the Year Award in the category ‘Best Classic Game’ twice in a row. If you still aren’t convinced, you just need to try the game out for yourself and find out.

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  • it is a great game

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