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Divine Storm – New material for role-players!

Role-playing game for the browser – Time to draw your sword and dust off magic books! The completely free MMORPG (Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game) for the browser Divine Storm is going to take you on a fantastic journey. So get ready for battle, and read on.

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The game principle of Divine Storm

The world of the free MMORPG for the browser Divine Storm is under attack by the forces of evil! But luckily there are still heroes such as you out there, who will gladly stand up to the villains. But before you start on a mission to save the country you have to choose one of the three character classes! Take your pick from: Mage, Paladin and Swordsman. Each of these classes offers its own range of skills and other special characteristics. Moreover, your hero can be either male or female. After you’ve created your character you start out on your first quests. Can you banish evil from the face of the world? Meet the challenge, and unleash the holy storm upon the creatures of darkness!

Gaming fun with great atmosphere:

A great gaming atmosphere is a must for every good role-playing game, respectively for a MMORPG.  Divine Storm achieves this thanks to its great visuals – among other things! The game world has been elaborately designed, and the fights are wonderful to watch. The epic sound background matches the visuals – the combination between graphics and sound will have you glued to the computer in no time! Caution – it’s addictive!

Against evil:

The forces of darkness have many faces in Divine Storm! Your first mission will be to rescue the elf princess, who has been kidnapped by an evil dragon. Without their princess, the elves are unable to take action! But the dragon didn’t just pop up out of nowhere – many evil servants are on its side. And, of course, the dragon isn’t the only opponent you’ll encounter. You will have to fight many bosses and evil monsters!

Character growth:

Your hero’s strength will be recorded through the so-called battle power, which increases through experience points, but also through collecting more powerful gear items. Besides new weapons and gear there are many other possibilities to become more powerful! For example, you can get many cool mounts such as unicorns ,and you can even get wings. If you don’t like fighting alone you have the possibility of getting pets. This way Divine Storm offers a whole lot of customizing options and crazy gimmicks.


If you want to stand back for a bit but also grow further in the game at the same time, you can activate the auto-play function. In this mode your heroes can move through the game world by themselves as if led by an invisible hand, and accomplish further missions. Even though some people frown upon the auto-play function, we actually liked it. It’s your decision whether you want to use it or not! Sometimes you may have something else to do even though you don’t want to stop playing, and for such situations the autopilot can be quite welcome.

Features of Divine Storm

  • Play for free: Just sign up with a free account, create a character, and you can plunge into the fight against the forces of evil!
  • Gaming fun with great atmosphere: Extraordinary visuals and the fantastic soundtrack ensure that you get a great gaming feeling!
  • Against the evil: Face evil dragons, demon lords and many other leaders of the underworld. It’s not going to be easy!
  • Character growth: On your journey you’ll discover powerful artefacts, fantastic mounts and mystical companions.
  • Auto-play: Even when you don’t have the time to play or when something comes up, you can still advance in the game. Activate the auto-play function, and keep climbing the ladder!


Conclusions about Divine Storm

The completely free-to-play MMORPG for the browser Divine Storm is a really solid piece of the genre! Create your own personal hero of the light, and customize your hero by adding different improvements and companions. Enjoy great visuals in your browser – uncomplicated and wonderfully implemented. If you want to live out the story in Divine Storm without going through thick and thin, take advantage of the auto-play function and lean back. Divine Storm is still a new game, so in the future we can expect further updates that will make it grow. So if you’re looking for a fresh MMORPG for the browser, you should definitely check out Divine Storm.


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