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Echo of Soul Phoenix – A feast of souls

MMORPG – There were only a few games that we couldn’t wait to try out but the upcoming free to play title Echo of Soul Phoenix was definitely one of them. Due to its great success in South-Korea, the game is now about to make its appearance in North-America and Europe. We had the opportunity to check it out before its official beta release. This is what we have learned so far.

Official Echo of Soul Phoenix Trailer


Game concept

The game concept of Echo of Soul Phoenix is pretty straight-forward, following the general ideas of any given MMORPG. Starting out as the inexperienced rookie, you are responsible for the growth of your chosen character. Throughout this process you will have to complete numerous quests, slay dozens of monsters and change your equipment more than a few times. Doing so will continuously improve your character and enhance his overall set of abilities, eventually resulting in access to the most demanding but also most rewarding types of challenges.

Intriguing character classes and specializations:

As for now there are currently five playable classes in Echo of Soul Phoenix: Warrior, Ranger, Guardian, Rogue and Mage. Each class has its distinctive set of abilities, which predefine a specific role for that class on the battlefield. While warriors exceed at soaking up damage on the frontlines, Rangers and Mages prefer to hang back a little while dishing out tons of damage. Furthermore and that’s something we really valued on Echo of Soul Phoenix, there are two specializations for each class, adding some additional freedom of choice for the player. Warriors for example don’t have to be stuck being a tank all the time, since they get the opportunity to switch to Berserker in order to devastate their foes in melee range. Same goes obviously for all the other classes, breaking up the static ruleset of traditional MMORPGs.

Neat graphics and flashy combos:

Harnessing the power of the Unreal Engine, Echo of Soul Phoenix does look pretty nifty in terms of the overall graphics. Considering that Echo of Soul Phoenix is absolutely free to play, the game is definitely in the upper bracket of graphics among other free to play games. In combat scenarios you are going to notice that your attacks and abilities provide a neat visual feedback, especially when you manage to execute specific combos, which let your damage go through the roof. Starting out with a basic ability, certain attacks can be turned into devastating combos. Whenever such a combo becomes possible, you get an on-screen notification to press a certain button in order to execute a combo. We have only seen a fraction of those, but considering the overall visual appearance, we have reason to believe that some of the more sophisticated combos are going to be a treat for sore eyes.

Feast upon the souls of your enemies:

Most likely the most iconic feature of Echo of Soul Phoenix and a hot candidate for the origin of the games name lies within your characters ability to feast upon the souls of slain enemies. By killing specific monsters you are rewarded with the raw essence of their soul. Since most creatures and especially their souls are corrupted by darkness, you can’t use their power just yet. Each soul that you acquire needs to be cleansed at an altar of purification before you can harness its power. Once that is done though, the purified soul can be used to buff your character with unique powers, resulting in a potentially tremendous bonus during upcoming battles.

Special Features of Echo of Soul Phoenix

  • Free to play MMORPG: Echo of Soul Phoenix will be completely free to play. Just sign up once and you are good to go.
  • Intriguing classes and specializations: Choose between Warrior, Hunter, Rogue, Guardian and Mage and specialize your character the way you like it the most.
  • Neat graphics and flashy combos: Running with the Unreal Engine, Echo of Soul Phoenix packs some pretty neat graphics. In and out of combat.
  • Feast upon the souls of your enemies: Gather the souls of your enemies and use their powers to your advantage.


The Bottom Line

Considering the fact that Echo of Souls Phoenix is just about to hit the Beta, the game already offered quite a bit of interesting features. For a free-to-play title it’s not just a good-looking husk but already a decent MMORPG. Even though the classes are currently gender-locked, we really enjoyed trying them out, linking certain combos into powerful attacks, all while exploring a rich world. At any rate, we are going to keep a close eye on this game once it officially launches and so should you.

Photos of Echo of Soul Phoenix

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