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Howrse – A game for all horse lovers out there!

Horse breeding browser game– Saddle your horse and get ready for a game that’s all about horses and breeding them. The free game Howrse makes it possible for you to slip into the role of a horse breeder! Read on to find out everything you can experience and discover in this game.

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The game principle of Howrse

Howrse is a special game from all points of view. This free browser game is all about the difficult task of becoming a successful horse breeder! But before you can begin you must first create an account. When creating the account you’ll already be faced with the first difficult decision. You have to decide on a horse race and the most beautiful hair! Once you’ve done that, you can already start playing. Cool Emma is going to greet you, and she’ll guide you through the first steps in Howrse. She has many useful tips for you! A truly well-placed tutorial in our opinion, because Howrse has a whole lot to offer. Once you’ve learned the basics and bought saddle and other basic equipment nothing stands in your way – you can become a renowned horse breeder!

Train your horses:

Each one of your horses comes with special potential. For example, we decided on the Hanoverian horses in the beginning. These horses have a special talent for “jumping”, so if you focus this horses’ training on jumping you can expect good results in jumping competitions! But training isn’t the only way to hone your horses’ skills – riding also serves this purpose. So get your favorite horse and take him out for a few hours ride in the woods. The results will speak for themselves! But straining activities such as training and riding will cost your horses energy, so don’t forget to groom them and feed them delicious carrots in order to keep them fit.

Take care of the offspring:

An essential part of Howrse is to breed your own horses. In the beginning good Emma will visit and teach you the basics of successful horse breeding! Emma’s mare Gaia is a Hanoverian, and we’re looking for the right stallion for her. It’s important to watch for good genetic potential here. Offspring will be strong only with a healthy mother and a healthy father! Emma agrees to give us the foals, which provides us directly with the basis for our own equestrian center. In order to make sure that Gaia will give birth to twins Emma sends us on the black market first. Here we can get a fertility magic wand that ensures she gets the twins! A really cool feature that will turn out to be of super use later in the game as well.

Age levels and time lapse:

The chores in your horse center depend entirely on your horses’ daily routine. The day starts at eight o’clock in the morning and you have to decide how you want to use the available time! Training and riding require a lot of it, and you should also keep in mind that care and rest also need quite a chunk. Your horses will also grow older as days and weeks pass! You can’t train the new foals for two years, so get ready for good breeding, and slowly prepare your horses for the daily training routines and competitions. Once your foals are six months old you have to register them in the riding center. Plus that you can now play with them and start working on their first skills. In order for your favorite horses not to die due to old age you can use the Philosopher’s Stone – it will make your beloved companions immortal!

Economy and customization:

Without financial means you can’t manage an equestrian center, which means you always have to keep an eye on finances. The main currency in this game is the so-called Equu, which you need for food and saddles, for example. You can earn this currency by winning contents. For the special items on the black market you need passes – passes are very rare, but the items they can get you on the black market are also extraordinarily powerful! Another cool feature is given by the great many customization possibilities for your horses and the landscapes in which they live. We turned our most impressive horse into a unicorn in a mystical moonlit landscape, for example. There’s something for all design preferences!

Features of Howrse

  • Free-to-play: Just create an account and your life as successful horse breeder can begin directly in your browser!
  • Train your horses: Without a lot of work your horses won’t be able to win competitions. But winner horses ensure huge profits if you sell them!
  • Take care of the offspring: Make sure that the grown-up animals procreate, and grow your equestrian center to fame.
  • Age levels and time lapse: Spend your days with your animals and accompany them on their journey from foals to fully-grown competition horses!
  • Economy and customization: If your business runs well you can customize your animals as much as your fantasy allows. In the end, unicorns are so much cooler than gray horses, isn’t it?


Conclusions about Howrse

Howrse is really something special! This free browser game didn’t take long to win our hearts. Train your horses’ most important skills in order for them to win competitions! Grow your best horses and sell the most famous winners to other breeders. Howrse is a really well-thought concept on all levels, not to mention that it comes with great visuals. The many looks your animals can take are especially great. Winged horses, unicorns, devil stallions – your decision! Better create an account right now and start breeding your own horses.

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