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Imperia Online – Medieval Strategy Browser Game with lots of Features

Strategy Browser Game – Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither will your empire. The free to play strategy browser game Imperia Online is one of the most recent medieval strategy games that hit the worldwide gaming market. We checked it out, trying to build our own empire – even it might take longer than a day. Read our review to check our experience…

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Game Concept

Imperia Online is a medieval theme Strategy Browser Game with a focus on strategy and resource management. Starting out as the ruler of your “empire”, which is actually just a small settlement, you have to find the means to expand your kingdom and lead your people to prosperity. In order to do so, you have to build certain types of structures that will generate resources or units. Both are critical components for the growth of your economy and military force and both are needed for when you want to become the supreme ruler of Imperia Online.

In-depth tutorial:

Whenever you are starting to play a new game, you need a few minutes, hours or even days to get into it. The more complex the mechanics, the more time you usually take to find your way into the actual game. Since you generally perform better when you know what you are doing, the developers made sure that you are properly introduced to the mechanics of Imperia Online. The tutorial introduces all the relevant key components, such as: resource and army management and further mechanics like the military generals and world map interactions.

Resource management:

First things first. One of the most critical, if not the most critical element of the game is resource management.In order to construct buildings and to research new technologies, you need a given amount of resources. Since resources don’t just come out of the blue, you have to find a balance between structures, which generate resources, like lumberjacks and structures that consume them, such as barracks. Focusing too heavy on one of these elements will result in shortcomings in the other branch.

The power of your generals:

In terms of army management, Imperia Online does have some neat mechanics. For example the addition of generals and heirs. As the leader of your empire, you will eventually have descendants, which eventually will become the successors of your kingdom. Until then they serve as powerful generals, which boost the overall combat capacities of your armies. Each general comes with a specific set of traits and abilities that might tip the battle in your favor. As powerful they might be though, even the generals might die and losing one of your most powerful leaders in battle could be a cataclysmic event for the well-being of your empire.

Research new technologies:

In order to keep your army in the best possible shape, you will have to invest resources into new technologies and advanced weaponry. Thankfully though, the scientists at your academy can help you out with that. As for unlockable technologies, Imperia Online does have more than a few and some of them do require not only a huge amount of resources, but also quite some time; ensuring that Imperia Online is game where you can always make progress, no matter how much you have played already.

Special Features

  • Free-to-play Browser Game: Just sign up and you are good to go – Imperia Online is completely free to play directly in your web browser.
  • In-Depth tutorial: Learn all the critical mechanics of Imperia Online in the well designed in-depth tutorial.
  • Resource management: Find the proper balance between boosting your economy and boosting your army to expand your empire.
  • Power of generals: Use the power and special abilities of your different generals to turn the battles in your favor.
  • Countless technologies to unlock: Expand the knowledge of your people and research new structures and new units to overpower your foes.

The Bottom Line

The free to play Strategy Browser Game Imperia Online isn’t a game for those that want to rush through the content. Imperia Online does take its time and by doing so, it does most things right. The game is running at its own pace and even when some things like upgrades and research do take a considerable amount of time, it doesn’t feel like its bad. The game is like a good book, unfolding page by page, providing content for a long time. For all who want to go through it, Imperia Online is definitely a complex and high class Strategy Browser Game that is searching for opponents. For all, especially fans of well done Strategy Browser Games, Imperia Online is definitely worth a try.

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