Top Online Games 2018


Votes [524] – Just another round!

Social Casino – Online casinos have been on a roll recently, so it’s no wonder this free offer (for the time being) found a place among our stuff. We spent our latest days and nights in such a casino—namely, on...


Legend of Junior

Votes [428]

Legend of Junior – The kids are alright

ARPG – Hello there! Would you be interested in playing a pretty neat ARPG? Maybe? Well, how about trying Legend of Junior? This free to play ARPG is the most recent title we had in our hands and should you be up for some s...


Wizard 101

Votes [629]

Wizard 101– Abrakadabra Simsalabim

Magic MMORPG – Begin a fantastical adventure in the most remote places of Wizard 101. Meet other magical apprentices and fantastic beings on your path to become the biggest mage the world of Wizard 101 has ever seen...



Votes [624]

Tentlan – Reign like the old Maya!

Strategy game for the browser – Long before the first European ships touched the shores of South America, they stood under the reign of the great Mayan civilization. The free browser game Tentlan takes players on a journey to t...


Vikings: War of Clans – Become the most powerful Jarl of all times!

Browser game with Vikings – Everybody on board! – Time to go hunting for treasure and prey! The developers from Plarium bring us a real hit of a browser game. The free game Vikings: War of Cla...



Votes [359]

Rakshasa – Welcome to the spirit realm

MMO – With summer slowly fading we were in the mood for something bright this time around. Didn’t take us long though to find something that seemed pretty shiny. Today we go our hands on Rakshasa, a recently released free...


Mars Battle

Votes [629]

Mars Battle – Fight to become the ruler of Mars!

Science Fiction Browser Game –the free browser game Mars Battle is set on the red planet in our solar system!  You must prove yourself as commander of a space base, and there’s no time for mistakes...


Aura Kingdom

Votes [611]

Aura Kingdom – The ultimate MMORPG hit of 2014!

Anime MMORPG – The year has hardly just begun and the first MMORPG hit is already waiting for players. The free-to-play Anime role-playing game Aura Kingdom has just opened its doors a few days ago and promises to be...