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Poptropica – A neat adventure for youngsters

Adventure – With spring being almost around the corner we would like to introduce you to a free to play title that might have the potential to keep your youngster entertained for when the weather decide to take turn to the bad. Poptrocia is such a game. A game that might brighten your day. Here is why.

Official Poptropica Trailer


Game Concept

Poptropica is sort of a mix between a single player adventure game and a puzzle platformer for kids. At any rate this games target audience is somewhere between six and twelve years. Explore several island with your own avatar and help the locals with their problems before they help you to progress to the next chapter. Capture convicts, repair broken airplanes and gain medals and rewards along the way that redeem you as one of the most qualified heroes of Poptropica.

Very easy to get into:

One of the most appealing features of Poptropoca is its easy accessibility. With just a few clicks you are already in the game and once you created your custom avatar, which you can adjust with multiple sliders, you are getting right into the action. Crashing with your plane on a remote island you first have to get your bearings. Easier jumping puzzles and dialogue boxes introduce you to the core mechanics of your game while keeping things simple so that even the youngest, possibly those that have never really played any form of video game, will get the hang of it. Jumping puzzles, capturing animals and getting continuously introduced to new mechanics are just some of the first things you learn in Poptropica.

An intriguing source of education:

Another positive aspect of Poptropica is its educational value. Thankfully the game doesn’t rub it directly in your or your kids face but rather finds a subtle way of introducing things such as historical persons, areas and foreign culture in an appealing way. Eventually your kids will meet people like Leonardo da Vinci, Thomas Edison or have to embark on an adventure to retrieve the declaration of independence. Along all that the dialogue boxes and the accessible language are doing their part on empowering your kids’ reading comprehension, resulting in a game that manages to provide an almost wholesome learning experience.

Challenging at times but never frustrating:

While we might have risen the impression that Poptropicas world and the puzzles within are rather trivial, we can assure you, they are not. Sure, the initial stages of the game are kept pretty straightforward in terms of problem solving but the further you or your kids progress, the more challenging the puzzles become. Thankfully, and this is the difference between Poptropica and similar titles, the riddles will never become unfair or frustrating. Hints and Walkthroughs are part of the whole Poptropica experience and will make sure that your youngsters may have to put some more thought into the riddles without being overwhelmed by them.

Special Features

  • Free-to-play: Just sign up once and you are good to go. Poptropica is absolutely free-to-play.
  • Easy to get into: Accessible controls and a kid friendly environment turn Poptropica into a game that’s very easy to get into.
  • Educational: Visit historical places and meet famous people of the past in your educational adventures in the world of Poptropica.
  • Challenging but not frustrating: Some of the riddles will need some additional thought before they will be solved but they will never become frustrating for the player.


The Bottom Line

Poptropica is a neat little flash based browser game, that’s for sure. The controls are simple, the graphics and the content is suitable for kids and even the younger ones. Furthermore this game manages to walk on a thin line between providing appealing content and yet serving several educational purposes, such as reading comprehension, critical thinking and history lessons. All in all Poptropica is game that is well worth the visit and is most definitely a game were parents wouldn’t have to worry about what their kids are spending their playtime with.

Photos of Poptropica

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