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Shaiya – The fight between light and darkness!

Fantasy role-play – We all just love MMORPGs and role playing – big worlds full of danger, and a certain addictive element. Today we have special reason to rejoice – we found the completely free-to-play MMORPG (Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game) Shaiya! Choose one of the rivalling factions, and plunge into the action!

Official trailer Shaiya


The game principle of Shaiya 

The free game ‚Shaiya‘ from Aeria Games is first of all a classic MMORPG. In order to start your journey in the world of Etain you need to create a free player account and to download the game client! Once you’ve done that the next step is deciding on one of the two factions. On the one hand you have the guardians of light, who are elves and men. But if you prefer to play the villain, then choose the Union of Rage – an alliance of the dark forces with terrible necromancers and evil dark elves. Once you’ve decided on a faction and a race, your next step is to choose a character class. Even though classes have different names here, you will find the typical tank, healer, mage and close-combat fighter. The first time you step into the world of Shaiya you get a small welcome gift with all the important start items!

Ultimate Mode:

The Ultimate Mode in Shaiya is really something special! Like Diablo’s Hardcore Mode, you can choose a super high degree of difficulty for your character. Whether you’re a beginner or whether your character has reached the highest level – when your character dies and you haven’t revived them within three minutes, they are practically erased. Why should you even expose yourself to the possibility of such frustration? Well, only as an Ultimate Mode Character you can gain access to particularly powerful skills, and with every level you gain more bonus points than as a normal character!

Out for grabs:

From a good MMORPG we expect exciting content, of course. Shaiya offers you countless possibilities of coming about new and powerful items! It doesn’t matter whether you master dangerous instances in small groups, or if you ally yourself with 30 other players before riding to battle – you’ll run into monsters and dark archways behind every corner in Shaiya! Start on your hunt after the most rare artefacts and let the world of Shaiya suck you in!

The goddess’s blessing:

A really cool element in Shaiya is the so-called “goddess’s blessing”. This particularly powerful buff is something only one of the factions gets – the entire faction on the entire server! Which faction gets the buff is something to be decided on an epic battlefield. Only the faction that wins this massive player-versus-player fight will enjoy this super strong upgrade. Now if that’s not worth fighting for, then what is?

Old acquaintances:

Besides the already mentioned features, Shaiya also offers all the classic features of the genre. Ally yourself with your friends in big guilds, and conquer the world together! Guess what? You will also find auction houses – sell items you don’t need, or bid for the sword of your dreams! There are also epic mounts. There are unicorns, classic horses and dragons with many heads. Saddle your monster and ride off to battle!

Features of Shaiya

  • Play for free: It’s super easy to create an account on the game’s website. Then you can create a character and start on your adventure!
  • Ultimate Mode: If you’re looking for a challenge, take your character to Ultimate Mode, and you’ll get really special rewards!
  • Out for grabs: Enjoy the legendary collecting craze and find the most powerful items in the most exciting instances.
  • The goddess’s blessing: The reward for winning the faction battles is the goddess’s blessing – a buff for your entire faction.
  • Old acquaintances: In Shaiya you’ll find everything that makes MMORPGs so popular: guild system, mystical mounts and auction houses!


Conclusions about Shaiya

The free-to-play Shaiya by Aeria Games doesn’t reinvent the MMORPG genre, but it sure has a whole lot to offer! The strongest feature of this game is the Ultimate Mode – a game mode for players looking for a challenge. If your character dies in this mode, they’re lost for good, but it’s worth it considering that such a character is a lot stronger than the competition! Besides the Ultimate Mode you’ll also find all of the classic MMORPG elements. Guilds, trade system through the auction houses, and exciting player-versus-player fights – Shaiya will make your MMORPG-heart beat frantically!

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