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Skyforge – Good things come from above

Fantasy Action MMORPG – This time things will become pretty and shiny. We have played Skyforge, a brand new free to play Fantasy Action MMORPG that is the product of the cooperation between the experienced Allods Team, Obsidian Entertainment and Taking the role of a benevolent god, you are about to descent onto Aelion, a threatened and well designed world, in order to protect those that need to be protected.

Official Skyforge Trailer


Game Concept of Skyforge

As a free to play Fantasy Action MMORPG, Skyforge does have all of the core elements of the genre. Starting out as a rookie character, wearing only standard issue armor and weaponry, you are at the beginning of an epic journey. While you do ascend from a mortal to an immortal being, you are still starting out as a character that has to proof himself. By finishing several quests, such as killing monsters, collecting items, you will rise in rank and power. In consequence you will become stronger and eventually be able to tackle even the toughest challenges that are waiting for you in Skyforge.

Absolutely unique class system:

We have seen our fair share of “Warrior, Rogue and Mage” titles and once you have played some of the games with limited class systems, it is usually rare to be surprised by the rest of the game. On the other hand, when you play games like Skyforge and read up on their class system, you definitely know that you are in for a treat. The class system in Skyforge tackled a major issue of most MMORPG’s. Imagine you played your class up to level 100 but at some point you just feel like playing a different class. Usually that would mean that you have to go back to the character creation menu, create a new class and start over from Level 1. The free to play Fantasy Action MMORPG Skyforge eliminated this problem by giving players the opportunity to simply change between 13 classes with a single click and they also found a way to smoothly implement it.

Complex character development:

While it is possible to change classes with a simple click, the character progression itself isn’t such a trivial matter. To develop your character, you earn specific currency after completing quests, defeating bosses and clearing dungeons. This currency in return can be used on the so called Ascension Atlas. This type of board reminded us of the Sphere Grid from the famous and well known Final Fantasy titles. Divided into different areas, this board becomes your ultimate character development tool and allows you to invest your skill points in different areas. But choose wisely because the Ascension Atlas for sure also determines your effectiveness with each of the classes.

Stunning graphics:

Also terms of visuals, the Fantasy Action MMORPG title Skyforge looks simply amazing. The Cry-Engine is working wonders and indeed it’s a very rare thing for a free to play game to have such nice graphics. The models, the animations, the landscape, the enemies and mobs and the overall level of detail is definitely a huge plus for the game. Furthermore it’s this nostalgic mix between rural landscapes and sci-fi themed content, which really helps with the overall immersion and emphasizes the feeling of playing a high end or triple A game.

Fluent gameplay and combat:

Thankfully the games is not just good looking. The gameplay and especially the combat system are almost as sick as the graphics of this game. Choosing between dozens of abilities is a hard choice and using them properly can be even harder – in a good sense. Skyforge is not simple “click to cast” adventure, it really requires you to aim for your target, position yourself properly and select the appropriate combination of spells for your target at hand. This boils down to a very dynamic and fast paced gameplay, where positioning and strategic decisions are a huge factor.

Special Features

  • Free-to-play Fantasy Action MMORPG: Just sign up and download the client – Skyforge is completely free to play after installation.
  • Unique class system: One character, all classes, no limitations. In Skyforge you develop one character that is able to learn everything and switch to all classes.
  • Complex character development: With the Ascension Atlas you get the opportunity to fine-tune your character in every regard and to the last level.
  • Stunning graphics: Running with the power of the Cry-Engine, Skyforge does look phenomenal and really amazing.
  • Fluent gameplay and combat: Experience the fast-paced and outstanding combat system of Skyforge with lots of different skills and abilities.


The Bottom Line

Okay, the free to play Fantasy Action MMORPG Skyforge is great. That’s that. We have played several hours now and we could play several more, simply because the game is such a treat. Not only in terms of the mentioned visuals. Yes, they are great but great visuals don’t make a good game on their own. It’s the whole package we love. The sophisticated class system, the freedom of playing what we want, whenever we want and the Ascension Atlas, which is just one of several mechanics that turn this game into what it currently is – awesome.

Photos of Skyforge

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