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SAOs Legend – Sword Art, now truly Online

Anime MMORPG – One of the most popular recent anime titles goes by the name of “Sword Art Online” and it was just a matter of time, until a corresponding game would appear. Now, with SAOs Legend, this is about to happen. We played this brand new free to play MMORPG and here is our report.

Official SAOs Legend Trailer


Game Concept

SAOs Legend follows the core principles of any given MMORPG. Starting out as your average rookie character, you are lacking almost everything but talent. In order to accumulate wealth, power and legendary gear, you have quite a journey ahead. By slaying hordes of foes, helping the local folks and hunting for legendary treasures, you will eventually become strong enough to tackle even the hardest of enemies. Once you get to that point the sky becomes the limit and you might actually make it to the top of the food chain in SAOs Legend.

Four playable classes:

Currently there are four playable classes available in SAOs Legend. Knight, Swordsman, Priest and Ranger. Obviously each of these classes has a distinctive approach to combat and utilizes a huge assortment of different skills. While for example the Knight and the Swordsman excel at melee combat, the Ranger is a true master of ranged combat and a born deadeye. As for the priest, this class takes a different approach. By crippling his foes, lowering their overall combat effectiveness, while buffing his own, this divine caster is a true master of manipulation and support.

Your gear, your choices:

On your way to the top you will not only have to fight countless foes, but you will also get some pretty neat loot by doing so. No matter if it’s a plate mail or an enchanted robe, your gear has to be up to the task if you want to ascend to greatness. In order to do so you have several mechanics at your disposal that will help you maximize the overall potency of your gear. Either by polishing, fortifying or by placing rare gemstones into your equipment. Doing this does have the potential to turn almost any piece of weaponry or armor into a decent piece tool of monster slaying.

Love is in the air:

Everyone needs a friend and if things go well, you might actually find the love of your life. Same goes for SAOs Legend. With the Friend and Lover system introduced, you get the rare opportunity to link your own character to the one of a friend or even lover. By linking your two characters, both of your avatars will get a significant boost to their overall combat effectiveness and if you really feel like taking things a step further, you can even marry your beloved one.

Special Features of SAOs Legend

  • Free to play: Just sign up once and you are good to go – SAOs Legend is absolutely free to play directly in your browser.
  • Four playable classes: Which class will you be playing? As for now you can choose between Swordsman, Knight, Ranger and Priest.
  • Your gear, your choices: Enhance your old gear by upgrading it with enchanted gemstones, polishing and other intriguing mechanics that help you to maximize the effectiveness of your weapon or armor.
  • Love is in the air: Engage your avatar with the one from a different player and let the love do the rest. Lovers do fight even harder for each other.
  • Cute anime style: Fans of the anime will love SAOs Legend, not only because of its cute anime style, but also because it does stick very close to the animated original.


The Bottom Line

Even though the free-to-play Browser MMORPG SAOs Legend is still in its Beta stages, the game does look pretty promising already. The classes are pretty standard but that’s not a bad thing, considering that they left a pretty polished and well-rounded impression. You know what you will get right from the start and that’s actually a good thing. Same goes for the extensive crafting and improvement system. While it is a bit overwhelming to begin with, you will eventually get the hang of it and rather sooner than later you will find yourself fiddling around with gems, enchantments and other gimmicks that help you to buff your combat effectiveness. Aside from all this combat related stuff the game introduced an intriguing twist with the lover system. Binding yourself to another player is not only rewarding in terms of in game bonuses but also a good way to stay in touch with people you enjoyed playing with. If we could convince you, then you should definitely give SAOs Legend a try – you won’t regret it.

Photos of SAOs Legend

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