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Star Stable – The game for horse friends!

Role-playing and horses – you, your horse and a magic island full of mystery! The completely free MMORPG „Star Stable“ helps make your dream of having your own horse come true. Read on to find out what we enjoyed most about this unusual MMORPG!

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The game principle of Star Stable

Usually MMORPGs deal with war topics, and they’re all about „may the strongest win“. Star Stable is free of such thoughts – this game is all about creating a special bond with your animal companion! This may seem unusual at first, but it’s a whole lot of fun. This unusual focus on the game character and one’s own horse is what makes Star Stable stand out. Once you’ve created your free account and downloaded the game client, you start creating your own character and horse. Once that’s done, you go directly on the mythical island of Jorvik! A wonderfully designed place full of surprises – the journey can begin.

Your rider girl:

Star Stable is not only about the many adventures, but also about looking good on a horse’s back! As you go creating your rider girl you’ll see that you have many customization possibilities. Once you’ve chosen your style and outfit, you go directly to Jorvik. Here you’ll quickly notice that some of the other players wear even crazier stuff than you! In Star Stable you’ll always have the option of unlocking cool new clothes and gimmicks. Soon the others will be jealous of your progress!

A trusted companion:

As mentioned before, Star Stable is mainly about a wonderful friendship with your own horse. As soon as you’ve created your companion, you have a ton of further choice possibilities! Of course, you can give your horse a name, but that’s the least of it. You should always invest enough time in nurturing your horse, because only if you take enough care of him will he come to trust you. In order for your horse to be ready for demanding island exploration you’ll need many hours on the training field!

Show your worth:

Even though in Star Stable it’s always good to strike a perfect pose when you ride, sometimes you need to show off some skill! In order to collect experience points and the necessary money for new equipment you have to take part in contests and steeplechases. Show the other girls that you and your horse make a perfect team that leaves competition in the dust. But in order to get really good results you should never neglect training!

A gripping story:

In Star Stable you spend your time on the beautiful and mysterious island of Jorvik. On your rides you’ll discover many places and funny characters! There are a lot of tasks that need your attention, and rewards to be won. And who knows – maybe at the end you’ll even uncover the island’s mystery! We were totally into the mystical world of Star Stable in only a few minutes.

Features of Star Stable

  • Completely free: Just create a free account, download the game client, and the adventure can begin!
  • Your rider girl: Style your personal rider girl and turn all heads on and off the racecourse – be a head-turner!
  • A loyal companion: Create the horse of your dreams! Choose the colour, the name, and spend a lot of time with each other to strengthen your bond.
  • Show your worth: Besides riding and the picturesque surroundings on the island you’ll take part in races and contests!
  • A gripping story: Jorvik isn’t just a breath-taking island, but an exciting place with its own story.


Conclusions about Star Stable

What struck us at first was the setting of Star Stable, since it’s not every day that you see a MMORPG with the horse motto. But as soon as we created our rider starlet, we were in it all the way! We explored the island on our horse’s back, and took up challenge after challenge on the racing course! Outside the contests we groomed our horse, and built an ever stronger bond. The free browser game Star Stable will surely keep you interested, and you won’t get bored too quickly!

Photos of Star Stable

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