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Star Trek Online – Say hello to Captain Kirk

Space MMORPG – Who’s not familiar with space, the never-ending expanse and the adventures of the SS Enterprise? For those who want more from this world than the television series, you’re in luck. The Star Trek universe can now be explored further thanks to the free-to-play space MMORPG. We went toe-to-toe with the game and set our phasers to ‘test.’

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Game Description

The free-to-play space MMORPG Star Trek Online carries on where the last television series left off. During the missions, you’ll come face-to-face with familiar faces, from Borgs to Klingons, and not forgetting the Romulans. These missions take place on your own starship as well as on the ground of countless diverse planets. But what else does Star Trek Online have to offer? Read on to find out the most important features:

Space is where the action is

Although the television series held back a little in terms of extravagant space battles, Star Trek Online really delivers. After a couple of missions, you get the honour of commanding your own starship, tasked with the responsibility of navigating the never-ending expanse of space. But we’re not talking about a casual stroll through the stars here. You’ll need to engage in tactically demanding battles. Some opponents may try to hold your ship in place with a tractorbeam before firing a single and powerful plasma torpedo, while others may just pummel you repeatedly until your shield depletes. For this very reason, you’ll need to have quick reactions and good coordination to keep your head above water and to make sure none of those laser attacks land.

Beam me down, Scotty

Plasma torpedoes can’t solve all your problems and this is also true in Star Trek Online. A big percentage of your missions are set on the surface of planets. You are beamed down with up to 3 other crew members all with phasers in hand. These crew members can be separated into 3 classes (Technicial, Medical and Tactical officer), which can also be defined as the Tank, Healer and Damage Dealer. The missions don’t just revolve around you defeating enemies by force, but also require you to complete other tasks, such as scanning particles. By doing this, you’ll have the opportunity to get particularly valuable Dilithium. This can then be used to buy stronger ships, upgrade current ones or hire a better crew.

DIY Missions

Eventually you’ll get to the point where you’ve seen and played through everything. Does this mean that you’ve come to the end? No! In Star Trek Online you have the chance to create your own unique and individual missions for the rest of the community. The so-called ‘Foundry’ offers up an uncomplicated editor and an integrated rating system is also available. This gives you the chance to see which community missions are the most fun and also makes your decision a lot easier.

Exciting PvP Battles

We definitely had the most fun while taking part in the space battles with or against other players. Even though the battles in zero-gravity look very impressive, it’s twice as much fun to know that you’ve just blown one of your online buddies out of the galaxy. The PvP missions are also connected with fights against computer opponents and also take place in defined war zones. This means that you’ll need to watch out for both types of opponents and this can be really hectic.

Special Features

  • Extravagant Space Battles: Take charge of your own spaceship and enter into action-packed space battles
  • Interesting Surface Missions: Beam yourself down to a planet and complete exciting missions with up to 3 crew members
  • Foundry: Create your own unique Star Trek missions or play others made by the community
  • Space PvP: Lead your spaceship in exciting battles with or against other online players


The Bottom Line

Trekkies will feel right at home in this free-to-play space MMORPG. It’s moments like coincidentally bumping into Dr ‘Pille’ McCoy, where you’ll really get a true Star Trek feeling. But even to those, who can’t tell their Captain Kirks from their Picards, there is plenty to keep you interested in this extensive MMORPG due to the excellent space battles and interesting missions. Does the idea of plasma torpedoes and phasers make you excited? What are you waiting for then?

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