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Stronghold Kingdoms – The Legendary Strategy Game is finally online!

Castle Construction MMORPG – It was only a matter of time. After the success of both Settlers Online and Anno Online, Stronghold Kingdoms joins in on the current online trend to be the next top strategy game. The free-to-play castle construction MMO Stronghold Kingdom promises to be in no way inferior to its online predecessor. But can the developers, Firefly Studios, keep their promise? We tested it out for you…

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Game Premise

Who didn’t want to be a powerful lord of a castle in the middle ages with their own knights when they were younger? We sure did and that’s why we’ve of course played every single game from the Stronghold series. Unfortunately the last additions to the series have only been average conversions and haven’t wowed us with its good gameplay. With Stronghold Kingdom, Firefly has tried to reinvigorate this first-rate strategy game and put it firmly back on its feet. Here are the highlights of the game:

Build up your Castle and Village

Building up your own castle, as well as the surrounding village, is of course the main element of Stronghold. This is no different in the free-to-play online strategy game Stronghold Kingdoms. True to its predecessors, the gamer has a large selection of different buildings, defence fortifications, production facilities and resources on offer. Fruit and vegetables need to be grown, weapons for the army need to be produced, houses need to be built and walls and defence fortifications need to be erected. It’s also in your power to distribute the available resources to the best of your ability, in order to maintain the well-being of your citizens, to build up a battle-ready army and to defend yourself against enemies with walls, ditches, catapults and ballista.

Knowledge is Power

Building up your castle and battle scenarios aren’t the only important aspect of Stronghold Kingdoms. You also need to be able to keep up with the times. Stronghold Kingdoms offers over 700 different research possibilities. It doesn’t matter if you want the life of a peaceful merchant, are specialised in defence or want to become a commander, there’s a lot to do. However, the research isn’t the only important thing. Through special tasks and quests you are able to collect experience points and these can be used towards special research, buildings and units, in order to give you an advantage against the enemy.

Politics, Alliances, World Domination

The giant map of Stronghold Kingdoms doesn’t just allow you a lot of room to loot, but also to engage in politics, trade and alliances. Stronghold Kingdom offers one of the most intricate political systems. As the member of a Kingdom, you are able to go up the ranks through completing special tasks. These ranks, for example, consist of the Sheriff, Steward and even the King. Becoming part of a big alliance means that you can join together with your friends to attack stretches of land or even other Kingdoms, in order to widen your area of control.

Special Features

  • Comprehensive Castle Construction: Build up your castle with care and kit it out with extensive wall and defence fortifications like ditches, catapults and ballista to thwart any attack!
  • Diverse Village Construction: Build different resource and production facilities as well as dwellings to make your villagers content and more efficient!
  • Giant Game World: Go toe-to-toe with thousands of other gamers in a medieval world and use the interactive map to trade and explore!
  • Political System: Complete different tasks, collect experience and move up the ranks, from Sheriff to King. Every rank overs new features!
  • Strategy is the Key: Battle through the worthwhile strategy maps and secure yourself considerable advantages in research, units and buildings on your way to victory!


The Bottom Line

The free-to-play strategy online game Stronghold Kingdoms offers a diverse range of features such as trade, a detailed castle and village construction and intricate political system together with thousands of other players. Stronghold Kingdoms is one of the first online MMO games, which has adapted a comprehensive strategy game style. After the average conversion attempts of its predecessors, Firefly has finally been able to offer a Stronghold title which is worth playing. We have had a lot of fun playing this realistic medieval simulation.

Photos of Stronghold Kingdoms

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