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Table tennis manager – Blend in with the pros!

Sport manager browser game – Surely you’ve seen a table tennis match on TV at least once, and maybe you were even impressed  by the skill necessary in order to send the small ball from one side to the other. But all the details that led to this short game have been a mystery until now. In the free online sport manager game Table Tennis Manager you can peep behind the scenes and steer the skill yourself as manager of your own small table tennis team. Take the chance and read on to learn about all the functions you’ll have available in Table Tennis Manager.

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Game description of Table Tennis Manager

In the free online browser game Table Tennis Manager you have a huge range of possibilities of leading your team individually to success. Train your players, build on their strengths, and get yourself in higher leagues by winning matches. Success also means money! There are so many features available that we can’t even go in on each and every one of them, but we summed up the most important ones for you.

Train your players

Your players’skills vary from player to player in very different ways. You can read your players’ efficiency by a total of 12 different values. Some of these values you can increase directly through the training plan that you develop personally and individually for every player, while other values such as endurance and experience are trained passively along with the others. Whether your player is more successful with equally trained characteristics, or whether you should specialize on a few individual ones such as attack and forehand? Find out for yourself.

Keep your own sports hall

Ensure the future of your club with your own little table tennis hall. Determine the number of seats and the price for the different seats/ standing spots. In this you have as incredibly many possibilities as in most other domains. The hall is a good source of income for you, since the more you invest, the more income the hall makes. But plan carefully! There are daily maintenance costs, and the hall gets used up in time, and has to be kept in shape. Keeping good money management is extremely important as manager of your own club!

Study the statistics

In order to support and better plan the following steps, players have a lot of different useful statistics at their disposal. For example, you can follow your club’s success story, as well as your growing number of fans. You can use these statistics to produce your own forecasts, and optimize your costs and income. Look at the player statistics in order to better plan every player’s training. Thanks to the 15 different statistics you always have an overview, and can always check where you’re standing.

Features of Table Tennis Manager

  • Train your players: Balance your players’ deficits through individual training.
  • Keep your own sports hall: Increase your income with your own hall, which you can adjust and improve in many ways.
  • Study the statistics: Use the statistics in order to adjust your planning and to keep an overview of your team’s development.
  • Get sponsors: Choose the right contract from different sponsorship contracts, and ensure financial support this way.
  • Keep your players fit: Make sure that your players are in shape and don’t lose their edge, because otherwise they can get blocked.


Conclusions about Table Tennis Manager

The free online browser sport game Table Tennis Manager turned out a pleasant surprise with its many functions. There are many familiar elements available from other manager games, but Tennis Manager offers a whole lot of new functions that allow broad customizing possibilities. For example, you can break up the personal needed time. Everything is possible, from a few minutes to a few hours a day. Our conclusion: a game for every hobby manager who desires a greater challenge, but a game that is also right for someone who’s just looking for a nice, cosy pastime. One thing’s for sure – playing this system will sure be a lot of fun.

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