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Tentlan – Reign like the old Maya!

Strategy game for the browser – Long before the first European ships touched the shores of South America, they stood under the reign of the great Mayan civilization. The free browser game Tentlan takes players on a journey to those golden times of the Maya! It’s your task as a leader to watch over your people, and to build your empire.

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The game principle of Tentlan

In order to get started with this free browser game you must first create an account. Once you’ve done that, you’re taken directly to the building site of your own personal city. If it’s been a while since you’ve last led a Mayan settlement, you’ll be happy to learn that you can rely on the consultant Itzel! She will tell you all about the basic mechanisms in the beginning, making sure that you don’t miss anything. With Itzel at your side you’ll give your subjects their first building tasks, and ensure the initial supply of raw materials. Once your warehouses are stuffed with enough limestone and obsidian, you can commission new buildings. Watch your city grow larger and more powerful!

Authentic Mayan life:

The developers of Tentlan spared no effort in order to create an atmospheric browser game. All buildings and units stay true to the Mayan design, and the result is a wonderfully detailed 2D world! Build huge step pyramids typical for the Maya, or a powerful army of Jaguar and Eagle warriors. You’ll mostly use corn and cacao to feed your subjects. The Maya were also renowned for their vast knowledge about space and astronomy. The smartest heads that your empire has to offer will be constantly searching the skies for new scientific discoveries from the observatory.

Research system:

As already mentioned, the Maya were passionate observers of the heavens, and they acquired great knowledge about outer space. In Tentlan you’ll build an observatory in the early stages, and you’ll research new technologies intensely. Whether discoveries in medicine, astronomy or engineering – successful research will be rewarded with many new buildings and units! The expenses for research are always shown in food consumption and necessary researchers. That’s why it’s recommendable to constantly keep an eye on your food production, because hungry scholars can’t achieve successful results on an empty stomach!

Magic rituals:

In Tentlan you even have the possibility of getting the gods on your side through mysterious rituals. This way you’ll be able to influence the seasons, for example, and you can secure a very long summer. This offers the great advantage that you can harvest very much corn, and fill your warehouses to outburst. Should you ever be under siege, you can pray for a particularly hard winter and watch your besiegers freeze. Besides rituals you also have the possibility of obtaining special blessings. These will get you and your empire special bonuses for a certain period of time!

Increase your influence:

Another important part of Tentlan besides the strategic planning of your base and earning the gods’ favour is fighting other regional leaders! For this reason you should search for ways to start training your first warriors as soon as possible. This browser game sure doesn’t lack units! Train wild Jaguar and Eagle warriors, and watch them wipe out your enemies. In the second line you’ll have units like the slingshot-warriors that shoot a deadly volley of stones on your enemies! In Tentlan you can also compete against other players, as well as against computer generated barbarians. We recommend that you treat the fights against barbarians as a kind of training for the player-versus-player fights, since other players are considerably harder to beat than the barbarians!

 Features of Tentlan

  • Free of charge: The developers of Tentlan made it very clear that Tentlan is free-to-play, and that it will stay so!
  • Authentic Mayan life: Build typical Mayan works such as step pyramids, and send your warriors with the strength of the jaguar to battle!
  • Research system: Gather the smartest heads from your empire in the observatory, and have them search for new discoveries, and work for new technological breakthroughs!
  • Magic rituals: Influence weather and seasons through magic rituals to honor the great gods. Reigning is much easier when you can rely on divine help!
  • Increase your influence: Explore the surrounding land, and attack nearby barbarians and other players!


Conclusions about Tentlan

Tentlan really makes for a browser game with unusual setting! Conquer the South American jungle as one of the greatest Maya leader of all times. Build your city, and make sure the economy keeps growing, and that your subjects are well fed! Train legendary Jaguar and Eagle warriors, and use them to conquer the surrounding lands. Dare to gaze up to the stars, and see what wisdom the gods are willing to share with you. All you need for your journey through the deep South American jungle is a free registration and a popular browser! We recommend all fans of strategy games and Maya theme to sign up right away, and enter the warrior world of Tentlan!

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