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The Settlers Online – Extensive Strategy Game in a familiar Setting

Economic Browser Game – The free-to-play economy simulation and browser game, The Settlers Online, is the eagerly anticipated multiplayer conversion of the classic, renowned game ‘The Settlers’. But does the browser game conversion offer just as much fun as the PC originals? We tested it out for you…

Official ‘The Settlers Online’ Trailer


Game Premise

‘The Settlers Online’ is set in a fictional world, which gives the player a lot of room and potential to build up extensive trade routes, beautiful cities and expand their empire. We’ve put together a summary of the best aspects you can expect:

First Steps

The free-to-play browser game ‘The Settlers Online’ is split into multiple worlds and cross-sections of the map. As a new settler you start off with your own small island. However, a large part of this island is left unexplored and shrouded in mist. To start off with, you build up your village little by little, establishing sawmills and living quarters as well as the first trade chains in order enable you to build up new buildings and units. As soon as you’ve completed these first steps, you explore the remaining part of the island by taking part in your first missions, discovering new resources and expanding your empire by driving out barbarian encampments.

Great Graphics

The most well-known edition of the Settlers’ series was “The Settlers II – Veni, Vidi, Vici”. Since then the attention has been firmly on the unbelievable ‘bustling factor’ of the game. This enabled the game to enthral players around the world through its lovingly crafted animations, which beautifully portrayed every detail and settler down to the smallest details. This ‘bustling factor’ has made its way onto the new browser construction simulation ‘The Settlers Online.’ You can explore the beautifully put-together island with its fully animated wildlife, beaches, coasts, forests and bustling characters.

Play Together

Asides from building up your empire and erecting beautiful cities, The Settlers Online offers a lot of opportunities for you to get into contact with other players. At the market you can craft your own items, visit other players on their island and make presents and crank up, spy on or even sabotage their production chains. You are also able to establish clans and guilds and chat together directly in-game. As well as these in-game mechanics, the developers also arrange a variety of seasonal events such as Easter or Christmas Specials.

Excellent Diversity

‘The Settles Online’ is one of the first online browser games, becoming one of the favourites for gamers over the years. Time and time again the player support as well as the several events and expansions have been praised, raising this free-to-play browser game above the rest of the competition. The Settles Online has brought home, in total, 9 different awards so far. These include the Gamestar Award in the category ‘Best Browser Game’ as well as PC Games Readers’ Choice in the category ‘Browser Game of the year 2011’ and the MMO of the year – Audience Awards in the category ‘Best Strategy Browser MMO and Best Community Relations in the years 2012 and 2013.’

Special Features

  • Great Graphics: Thanks to the new Flash Player graphics, ‘The Settlers Online’ offers up the familiar ‘bustling factor’ we’re so used to experiencing from the PC games on your browser.
  • Production chains: ‘The Settles Online’ has a diverse range of different and extensive production and trade chains.
  • Battles: Inspite of the focus being on trade and production chains, ‘The Settlers Online’ offers an expansive range of battle units and the opportunity to expand your empire
  • Exciting Quests: The Settlers Online offers an exciting quest system, which constantly offers up new challenges for you to overcome
  • Social Components: There’s a lot of room for social interaction in ‘The Settlers Online’, through trading, chatting, secret actions, gifting and the co-op mode


The Bottom Line

The free-to-play browser strategy game ‘The Settlers Online’ is one of the most lovingly-crafted browser games, which convinces through its trusted setting and familiar ‘bustling factor’. The in-game graphics are beautiful to look at and are particularly noteworthy for a browser game. The gameplay exhibits an impressively simple structure and allows even new players to get stuck into the game. We believe that ‘The Settlers Online’ will equally enthuse faithful fans of the old games, as well as win over newcomers to the series.

Photos of The Settlers Online

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