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Total War Arena – A great classic takes the arena!

Historical battle strategy game – We’re really ecstatic about this! The free strategy game Total War Arena unites the awesome strategy of the Total War Series with the multiplayer functionality of other war gaming titles such as World of Tanks or World of Warships. Read on to find out what this mix resulted into, and you won’t be disappointed.

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The game principle of Total War Arena

Just like we’re used to from other Total War titles, battles are the main focus of Total War Arena! In this free strategy game you’ll lead three different units into battle. In the main frame you can decide on one of the four factions, you can choose a leader and unlock new units. If you’re happy with your choices, you just click ‘play’ and the game starts matching you with others! Three units really don’t mean very much, which is why you’ll form a team with nine other players. This means that 30 unit groups for every team will be facing each other—so there’s a whole lot happening on the battlefield! You fight your way through the battles and get experience points for your leader, you provide your troops with new weapons and keep unlocking powerful new units. This play pattern is similar to the one in World of Tanks.

Bombastic visuals:

Total War Arena is visually a blast! When you see the beautiful surroundings, the details and the fine-tuning of your units, you’ll feel you can’t get enough of it. You have an overview of the entire battlefield—from the cities of Rome to the dark forest of Germania or the Mediterranean beaches! Seeing the quality we’re used to from Total War titles mirrored in Total War Arena was really fantastic.

Four factions:

The four factions you’ll find in Total Arena are barbarians, Romans, Greeks and in the end even Carthage. These factions have leaders with their own special skills. Moreover, the army consists of unique kinds of troops. The Germans for example, are wild axe warriors, while the Greeks lead their legendary phalanx into battle. From the Romans we’re used to short words and shield formations. All this means that every faction plays completely differently, so Total Arena offers a great deal of diversity.

Long-term motivation:

Similarly to the World of Tanks, you’ll need a fair amount of time in order to unlock all troops. Every troop can be enhanced separately: new armouring, new swords. Once you’ve provided your soldiers with new equipment, you can go ahead and use the troops in the next step. On your way from level one to level ten you will leave countless battles behind you, but this is no problem, considering how much fun Total Arena is. But, of course, no pain no gain!

Fantastic game mechanics:

What we particularly liked about Total War Arena were the great controls and the well-structured interface. All units react immediately, they choose clever paths and don’t stick anywhere. The units’ special skills also seem very credible, and they are smoothly applied. Especially the fact that you act together with 9 other players makes it possible to achieve the whole potential of your units, while also complementing each other. For example, if you choose a formation of archers, you should always stay around friendly close-combat units in order to stay in one piece, so to say!

Features of Total War Arena

  • Free of charge: Just download the free game client, install the game, open an account, and the battle can begin!
  • Bombastic visuals: Experience exciting fights on historical battlefields with incredibly detailed 3D visuals!
  • Four factions: Play as an army of barbarians, Roman legion, Greek phalanx or with the elephants of Carthage.
  • Long-term motivation: Unlock countless equipment, leaders and technologies, there are countless options, and you’ll always have something new to do.
  • Fantastic game mechanics: Send your men to battle, use special skills and always stay ahead of the competition!


Conclusions about Total War Arena

The free game Total War Arena is a highlight on the market, and a Must for all fans of the Total War series. Decide for yourself if you’ll find victory by leading an army of Barbarians or of Romans, build a strong fight group and unlock new technologies. The visuals are incredible, and you’ll be quickly gripped. The developers’ decision of allowing only three units per player is also very cool! This way you don’t have uncountable units, but you only control a part of the fighting troops. So sharpen your swords, polish your armours, and plunge into the war of Total War Arena!

Photos of Total War: Arena

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