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War Thunder – Fierce battles on land, sea and in the air!

MMO-Fighting game – Everyone ready to fight! It won’t be easy, but it’s your duty! The free MMO War Thunder brings back the fiercest battles of Word War II and of the Korean War, displayed grandiosely on your computer screen! Even though the game has been on the market for a while now, it has been improved, and here we’ll be talking about the most important aspects.

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The game principle of War Thunder

War Thunder brings back the heated action from WWII and the Korean War! It’s your decision if you want to go to battle on land, sea or if you want to go airborne. The starting point for all battles is the garage or the hangar – here you can decide on a type of weapon and especially on a nation! War Thunder gives you a historically accurate implementation of real existing tanks. This way you can choose from a great selection of realistic planes and tanks. Interesting is also the announcement that more war ships will be added soon! At the moment the sea war is still in the closed beta phase, but once it’s out there, War Thunder will cover all stages of both wars. All you need in order to make your mark on the world is a free account and the game client!

Different tasks:

War Thunder succeeds better than any other game in matters of diversity and importance of the different types of weapons. For example, in big tank battles it’s important to have anti-aircraft tanks as well – only this way you’ll be able to keep dive-bombers off your back! Front fighting is better off left to the heavy tanks because these have the best armouring. But air fighting also involves many different tasks. Heavy bombers can scatter enemy land troops, but thy also need to defend themselves from the fast attack aircrafts!

Pure realism:

War Thunder has a very high degree of realism, which is especially obvious not only in the realistic vehicles, but also in the excellent damage model. In the aircraft it could happen that one MG shot hits our cockpit and directly our pilot. Game Over. In War Thunder an opponent isn’t eliminated only when his aircraft goes out in flames, but also if the crew is taken out. This is especially cool in tank fights – because here you can see where your last shot hit the opponent in a kind of shot camera. If a grenade splinters the inside of a tank, it could happen that the opponent’s crew is taken out – even though the tank may still be able to run!

Terrific visuals:

Nowadays it’ not enough for a game like War Thunder to be brilliant in matters of game mechanics, but it must also have great visuals. War Thunder is a real graphic firework! There are impressive clouds and light effects from on board of your aircraft, as well as impressive landscapes that your tanks will bring to quake – War Thunder has it all! But the surroundings aren’t the only thing that will catch your eye, the details of the tanks and aircrafts are also breath-taking!

Computer generated or human opponents:

Gajin Entertainment brings you not only a great interface, but also countless possibilities of fighting different types of battles. You can fight against bots together with your friends, but you can also fight bigger player-versus-player battles – there are many ways to put your skill to the test! Air battles are also separated depending on the type of control. The Arcade mode has been developed especially for those who prefer sheer action. In this mode the aircrafts technically fly themselves, and players can focus on the fights. But if you choose the simulator mode, then you have to keep an eye on air resistance and the right direction.

Features of War Thunder

  • Completely free: Just create a free account and download the game client – can you hear the thundering shooting already?
  • Different tasks: Anti-aircraft tanks, dive-bombers or war ships, War Thunder brings all war stages into your home!
  • Pure realism: No more shooting at a tank for ten minutes until it finally goes out in flames. A good hit can eliminate the entire crew!
  • Terrific visuals: Incredible realism what visuals are concerned as well – your jaw will drop as you play!
  • Computer generated or human opponents: Ally yourself with friends and give bots and people reason to fear you!


Conclusions about War Thunder

If you love tank, aircraft and ship simulations, then War Thunder has been created for you! Play historically accurate battles of all great nations from WWII, equip your armies and keep improving your skill! Realistic ballistics, great visuals and countless war machines will keep you hooked. And the best part is that War Thunder doesn’t cost a dime! Get ready for battle, and make your mark on the battlefields of War Thunder!

Photos of War Thunder

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